Small is the world and small is beautiful. The world of gadgets has certainly shrunk its size. Apple Watch, a popular smartwatch and a communication device as well, can now play music files independently. You can listen to your favorite songs and music without syncing your smartwatch with the smartphones.

This feature of transferring music from iPhone to Apple Watch is liked by many smartwatch users, who love to listen to music while they are working out at gym or outdoor. And this elimination of iPhone is a greater achievement for them. There are many significant functions Apple Watch cannot perform on its own; but this one can surely put a big smile on the face of watch users.

You need to transfer music from iPhone to your Apple Watch first and then you can play your choice of songs on this smartwatch without keeping iPhone near.

How to Sync Music Playlists from iPhone to Apple Watch

Step #1: Open Apple Watch app on connected iPhone.

Step #2: Tap Music.

Step #3: Now you need to tap on Synced Playlist.

Step #4: Finally, tap on playlists you like to sync.

After the syncing of playlist, you can listen the playlist from your Apple Watch.

How to Play Local Music on Apple Watch

Once, syncing is done, you can now play songs on your Apple Watch. Follow the steps given below to enjoy your choice of songs on a small-sized Apple Watch.

Step #1: Open Music app on your Apple Watch.

Step #2: Hard press to invoke some options.

Step #3: Tap Source.

Step #4: Next, tap Apple Watch.

Step #5: Now you need to pair your Apple Watch with a Bluetooth headset (read steps below).

Step #6: Finally, select a song and have fun!

How to Pair Apple Watch with Bluetooth Headset

Step #1: If you are not on the Home screen of your Apple Watch, gently press the Digital Crown to bring the Home screen on your Apple Watch.

Step #2: Now tap on Settings.

Step #3: Next, you should tap Bluetooth.

Step #4: At last, tap on the name of Bluetooth device you want to pair your watch with.

The device status will change to ‘paired’ from ‘pairing’ after it is connected.

Note that Apple Watch has got speaker but it doesn’t give you a good sound effect; the speaker works good for tones, calls and other simple sounds. For listening to music, podcasts, or audio books, you can use Bluetooth headset.

Transferring music to Apple Watch is quite easy. Follow the above method and enjoy listening to your favourite music on Apple Watch.

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