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Clips surely helps you create some funny videos and photos to share them with your friends and social networks. Whenever you are tired of your work, take your iPhone and add subtitles, effects, title cards, and add soundtracks and music to Clips. But first off, you need to take and edit video and photos in Clips app.

With the help of Clips app, you can spice up your Instagram experience and surprise your friends there. Like other Apple apps, Clips has got neat and clean interface any user would love to use. There is no complex designing as it is made for teenagers and young users. Let’s now dig in how you can take and edit video and photos in Clips app.

How to Take and Edit Videos and Photos in Clips App

Start a new Project in Clips

Project is nothing but a new video creation square, which you tap to create new video on Clips. In simple terms, each project shows one video stream you have created in Clips.

Step #1: When you open the Clips, you land on a video mode by default. Tap on the Projects button (it looks like v) from the top left corner.

Tap on V Like icon

Step #2: Tap the New Video square, which has ‘+’ sign inside.

Tap on New Video

How to Take a Video with Clips

Without taking videos, how can you create funny clips?

Step #1: When you open Clips app, the default mode is video; on both sides (right and left), there are options of Photo and Library.

Step #2: There is a mic icon on the left of HOLD TO RECORD red button. Tap on mic to record audio; you can also mute mic not to record sound.

Tap on Mic icon

Step #3: You can select either selfie camera or back camera by tapping on camera selection button, which is located on the right of HOLD TO RECORD button.

Tap on Camera to select either selfie camera or back camera

Step #4: You can use the live view to record the subjects you want to record.

Step #5: Next, tap and hold HOLD TO RECORD button.

Tap and hold HOLD TO RECORD button

Step #6: You can zoom in or zoom out by pinching the live view.

Step #7: Release HOLD TO RECORD button to stop recording.

Release HOLD TO RECORD button

Note that Clips use the front mic for selfie camera and back mic for back camera. In case you want to add your voice while using the back camera, simply speak up. You can also use headphones with a mic so that Clips can use that mic.

How to Take Photos with Clips

Photos in Clips are similar to static videos in the app; this means you can also have the liberty to select how long to hold on your shot apart from choosing your shot.

Step #1: First off, tap on Photo tab, which is left to Video.

Tap on Photo tab

Step #2: If you are using a back camera, you have got that added feature of flash button, which is on the left to that white shutter button. Switch between the flash button; white means auto, yellow is on and struck out is off. Note that selfie camera doesn’t have this feature of flash.

Tap on flash button

Step #3: To the right of shutter button is camera shutter to choose front and back cameras.

Tap on camera icon

Step #4: Now tap on that white shutter button to click a photo.

Hit white shutter button to click a photo

Step #5: You have the option to Retake if you are not happy with that click.

Tap on option to Retake

Step #6: Like shooting video, you have to tap and hold that ‘Hold to Add This Photo’ to add the photo as a clip. Hold that button at least for one second so that your clip is inserted.

Tap and Hold to Add This Photo

Step #7: You can zoom in or zoom out on the live view by pinching or swiping the screen.

Step #8: Release the button when you are done.

Once you are done, you can insert the same photo again without delay; you can select different zooming, switch back to video, or switch to something else.

How to Insert Existing Photos and Videos into Clips

If there is a beautiful video or photo already stored in your photo library, you can use that to insert it into Clips.

Step #1: Library tab is on the right of Video; tap on Library.

Tap on Library

Step #2: You can select from the Library or tap on Albums button to change the album.

Step #3: Select any photo or video you want to include in Clips. By mistake, if you have chosen the wrong photo/video, simply tap on Library again and start over.

Select Photo from Library

Step #4: Tap on microphone icon to choose between mic and mute option.

Tap on mic icon to mute or unmute

Step #5: Tap and hold the Hold to Add This Clip/Photo to add video or photo.

Tap on Hold to Add this Photo

Step #6: You can pinch or swipe on the live zoom in or out during insertion.

Step #7: Finally, release the button once you are done.

How to Move and Rearrange Clips

After the clip is captured or inserted, you can alter the order and sequence.

Step #1: Tap and hold the clip you want to move or rearrange.

Step #2: Drag the clip to a new place.

Step #3: Release your finger.

You can continue the process until you place the clip to your desired position.

How to Mute or Un-mute Audio in Clips

Step #1: Tap on the clip you want to mute or un-mute.

Tap on the clip

Step #2: Below the clip, you will find three buttons: sound, edit/cut, and delete. Tap on that sound button, which looks like loud speaker.

Tap on Sound button

How to Trim your Clip

If you have shot a long video, you can trim it from the beginning or at the end of the clip.

Step #1: Tap the clip you need to trim.

Tap on the clip

Step #2: Tap on scissors icon, which is your edit button.

Tap on scissors icon

Step #3: Next, simply drag trim control bar from left or right to trim the clip from the start or end.

Select the Portion

Step #4: Last, tap on Apply button.

Tap on Apply

How to Delete Clips

If you are not at all happy with the saved clips, simply throw them into trash.

Step #1: Tap on the clip you want to remove.

Tap on the clip

Step #2: Tap the delete button, which is the last in a row of sound, edit/cut, and delete.

Tap on Delete

Step #3: An option will swipe up from the bottom, asking to confirm your action. Tap on Delete Clip.

Tap on Delete Clip

How to Delete an entire Project

Step #1: Tap on Projects button, which looks like ‘v’ (look at the top left)

Step #2: Tap and hold the project you want to delete; the square will go into delete mode with a cross seen on top left corner of that square.

Step #3: Tap on that delete icon and you will be asked to confirm your action.

Tap on that delete icon

Step #4: Tap on Delete Video to confirm your action.

Tap on Delete Video to confirm

The process to take and edit videos and photos in Clips is quite long and there are many small workarounds in it. But once you are familiar with each one, you will enjoy creating funny videos and photos.

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