How to Take Scrolling Screenshots on Android and iPhone

Samsung smartphones have hit headlines recently for all bad reasons. But there are some exclusive features that are not available on any other Android devices. TouchWiz framework is a little known feature among common users of Samsung smartphones. Some of the most advanced Samsung phones like Galaxy Note 8, Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus offer this feature that allows users to capture vertically scrolling screenshots.

It is obvious that not all Android users own such high-end devices. This doesn’t mean they can’t take scrolling screenshots on their Android devices. Thanks to developer Glitch, who has developed an app to offer a better workaround.

But why should anyone take scrolling screenshots in the first place? This question was raised in my mind, and to answer it, you should open any webpage that displays long content. You need to scroll down to read entire content. If you want to save this content to read it offline, you can take scrolling screenshots of the content.

Having said that, screenshots are always important documents to present to somebody. If a website developer or designer has left an error on website, you can capture a screenshot and show the same as proof. Even if the error is rectified, you still have a proof.

On your Android phone, you have limited scope to capture screenshot of entire webpage, and therefore, Stitch & Share app, developed by Glitch, gives you a simple solution.

This app automatically detects multiple screenshots captured by you and it stitches them seamlessly together. Let’s explore how you can take scrolling screenshots on your Android phone.

How to Capture Scrolling Screenshots on Android Phone

Step #1: First off, download Stitch & Share on your Android phone.

Step #2: After downloading the app, tap open it and go through the demo screens.

Allow Stitch & Share to take screenshots automatically.

This demo will explain you everything about how the app takes screenshots automatically. The beauty of this app lies in its ability to stitch those screenshots in a single, large image.

Take screenshots and stitch them manually.

Stitching screenshots manually is equally easy. Open Stitch & Share on your Android device and tap on ‘+’ symbol seen on the top right of your phone screen. From the picture gallery, select the screenshots you have captured by scrolling.

You can add as many screenshots as you want to stitch, and then tap on Share icon seen at the bottom right corner of phone screen. You can save or share the stitched screenshots on different social media channels as a single picture. You can save the image in your phone or SD card.

How to Take Scrolling Screenshots on iPhone

Like Android phone, you can take full page screenshots on your iPhone too. But not with the same app. On your iOS device, you need to download Stitch It! from App Store.

Once you download Stitch It! on your iPhone, open the app and watch the video tutorial. Give access to your Photos app so that you can select photos.

Step #1: Tap on ‘+’ symbol from the home screen of this app.

Step #2: You will be directed to your Photos app, where you have saved your screenshots.

Step #3: Now select any three screenshots in the sequence; yes, the free version allows you to choose maximum three screenshots. You need to upgrade to pro version to add more screenshots.

Step #4: Once you select the images, tap on Done from the top right corner of your iPhone.

Step #5: You are now in the app, where you can stitch the selected screenshots by tapping on Stitch It! seen at the top right corner.

Step #6: Screenshots are now stitched; you need to tap on Confirm from the top right corner.

Finally, you can either tap on Done or tap on Share icon from the bottom right corner. You will be able to share this stitched screenshots to anyone.

Note that Stitch It! gives you a facility to delete any screenshot before you could stitch.

It is done! Isn’t it simple to stitch your screenshots? Now you can read long webpages as single image in offline mode. Do you like this app Stitch & Share? Share your feedback with us on FacebookTwitter and Google Plus.

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