How to Track Your Friend’s Location Using iPhone and iPad

Tracking someone’s location is offensive in many countries. But as worried parents, you can always track your kids’ location using iPhone/iPad. Kids are hyperactive and may roam around beyond your eye sight. Since kids are your real assets, you would always worry about their whereabouts. But then your friends too are close to your heart. Would you like to track your friend’s location using iPhone/iPad?

Playfully, yes. So, it is fine if you secretly track your friend’s location on your iPhone or iPad. If you are worried about your kids’ whereabouts, you can always buy smartwatch for kids to keep an eye on your children. You can also use GPS Trackers for Kids to keep vigilant eyes on your impish kids.

Apple gives you a nice app Find My Friends that helps you locate your friends and family members using iPhone or iPad. Apart from giving location info, this app lets you set up location based alerts to inform you when your friend comes at or leaves a certain place.

Let’s us exclude the emotional part from the story and if you just want to keep a watch on your friend’s movement, you can use this app. But be cautioned: your purpose should be fun only, and you should not involve yourself in serious espionage.

How to Track Your Kids’ or Friend’s Location Using iPhone and iPad

You can use Find My Friends on your iOS 8 (no worries, there could be many iOS 8 users) or later. Now go ahead and download & install Find My Friends.

Step #1: Open Find My Friends on your friend’s iOS device.

Step #2: Now tap on your friend’s contact picture at the bottom.

Step #3: Toggle Share My Location option ON. Under Share My Location, you will find Share My Location From; you should ensure that this feature is ticked.

Step #4: Now take your iPhone swipe up Control Center and enable AirDrop; tap on Select Everyone.

Step #5: Next, tap Add in Find My Friends on your friend’s iPhone; this option is available on top right corner. Tap your contact and choose ‘Share Indefinitely’.

Step #6: Back to your device, tap your friend’s contact in the app and you can see his current location.

Now you can see his current location

You can also see an option to inform you when you friend leaves or arrives at a particular place.

It is done! You can now secretly track your Kids’ or friend’s location. If your friend comes to know about this ploy, be prepared to face his/her anger.

There is another similar app to track GPS location for iPhone and iPad. This app is GPS Location Tracker for iPhone and iPad developed by FollowMee LLC. This app has got some cool features like Location Monitor, Tracking Multiple Devices, Real-Time Update, Vehicle Tracking Device, SOS Panic Button, Low Battery Consumption, No-Internet Contingency, Password Protected, and Multiple Mobile Platforms.

Beware that using such apps can be illegal activity in some countries, and therefore, these apps should be used to derive fun only. You should inform your friends or family members about this trick; if they are offended by your clandestine activity, he/she may cut all ties with you.

If your kids are using any iOS device, you can install above apps, but not in the iPhone or iPad of any adult users.

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