How to Switch from Old iPhone or Android Phone to Google Pixel Phone

Google has launched two flagship phones viz. Pixel and Pixel XL. The two phones are packed with awesome features that can certainly influence buyers’ decision, who are looking for a premium smartphone. If you are using an Android phone or an iOS device like iPhone 6s or 6s Plus (for iPhone 7 users, it would be too early to switch), you can easily switch to the Pixel phones.

Unlike the migration from Android to iPhone with Move to iOS app, this switch from another phone to Pixel phones can be completed with a small device launched by Google along with two smartphones. This new tool is Quick Switch Adapter; it looks like your lightning cable that comes with any Android phone or iPhone.

Now let’s get into the details as to how you can switch from another phone to Google Pixel Phones.

How to Transfer Data to Google Pixel and Pixel XL from iPhone/Android

The procedure is quite simple; all you need is your old Android phone or iPhone and the latest Google Pixel or Google Pixel XL; and not to forget, keep that Quick Switch Adapter.

Step #1: Connect your old iPhone or Android smartphone with the new Pixel phone with the help of Quick Switch Adapter.

Note that if you are moving from your old iPhone to this Pixel phone, you should turn off iMessage before your take out SIM card from iPhone. Quickly check the steps: Launch Settings on your iPhone → Tap Messages → and then toggle iMessage option OFF. Similarly, you need to turn off FaceTime on your iPhone: Open Settings → Tap on FaceTime and toggle FaceTime option OFF.

In case you have removed your SIM from iPhone, you can ask Apple to deregister your number with iMessage.

Step #2: If you are moving from your old Android phone to the Pixel smartphones, the new phone should automatically sign you in to your Google Account. If this doesn’t happen, enter your password.

Do you have Google Account but have to face some issues in signing in? Help is by your side.

Step #3: After signing in to your Google Account, you can select which data you want to move to the new Google Pixel phones; users always like to transfer data like contacts, calendar events, photos, videos, music, SMS messages, iMessages and more. Now stay relaxed and let Pixel do the job.

Please note that the Quick Switch Adapter supports devices like iPhone or iPad running iOS 8 and later versions; Nexus 5, 6, 5X, 6P running Android 5.0 and later; and most Android devices running on Android 5.0 and later versions.

Finally, complete the set-up and start exploring your new Pixel even as the transfer process is on.

While the process is on, keep an eye on the battery status of your Pixel phone, which should be charged to at least 50% before connecting.

Once everything is done, start using the new Pixel or Pixel XL. Since it is your newest device, you should take enough care about the device. We advise you to protect it with the best Google Pixel cases and Google Pixel XL cases.

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