Transferring data from one iPad to another is no more a challenging job for iOS users. Ever since Apple has introduced its Pro series of iPad, many users have migrated from the old iPad to the new one, and thus, transferring data like photos, movies, music, apps, games, files, notes etc. is a daunting task. If you have bought the latest iPad Pro, you must be looking for a way to transfer data from old iPad to new iPad Pro.

There are two methods to move data from one iPad to another iPad: either you can use iTunes or iCloud to export old iPad data to the new iPad Pro device.

How to Transfer Data from Old iPad to New iPad Pro

How to Transfer Data from Old iPad to New iPad Pro Using iTunes

Step #1: Connect your old iPad to Mac or Windows via Lightning cable.

Step #2: Launch iTunes.

Step #3: Now, click on iPad icon.

Step #4: Next, click on backup now seen under Manually Backup and Restore.

Step #5: Once your backup process is completed, disconnect your old iPad.

Step #6: Next up, you need to connect your new iPad to the same Mac or Windows PC.

Step #7: Click on new iPad icon on iTunes. (Check this guide, if don’t recognize your iPad)

Step #8: Click on Restore from this backup.

Step #9: Select the backup you want to use.

Step #10: Click on Continue.

Now, iTunes will start the restoring process.

Step #11: On your new iPad, tap on Continue.

How to Move Data from One iPad to Another iPad Using iCloud

Step #1: Launch Settings App on your old iPad.

Step #2: Tap on Apple ID banner.

Step #3: Tap on iCloud.

Step #4: Now, tap on iCloud backup.

Step #5: Next, tap on backup now.

Step #6: On your new iPad, tap on the home button to start the setup process.

Step #7: Follow the on-screen instructions and go ahead. If you want to import everything from your old iPad to your new iPad, then you can use Automatic Setup Process in iOS 11.

Step #8: If you are using iOS 11 Automatic Setup, tap on Restore from [date of the most recent backup] Backup to restore from your latest iCloud backup.

Step #9: Tap on Agree and complete the setup process on your new iPad.

That’s all friends!

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