Have you got a new Mac machine such as a new MacBook Pro or iMac Pro? If so, then one of the first important steps is to transfer the data from your old system on to this new Mac. The new macOS High Sierra is also bringing a lot of Windows users over to this side due to its wonderful features including Touch Bar and Touch ID. If you have been a Windows PC user and just recently got won over by Mac, you need to transfer data from Windows PC to New MacBook Pro or iMac Pro.

While moving Data from Computer to another Mac, you might be worried about the complicated number of steps that may be needed to transfer your data to your new Mac. Don’t fret as it is an effortless process with a few simple steps to be followed. In fact, it is just the same as migrating data from an old Mac to a new one and the whole process is completely hassle-free. So, let us get started and help you migrate Old Windows PC Data to New MacBook Pro or iMac Pro.

How to Transfer Data from Windows PC to Macbook Pro

How to Transfer Data from Windows PC to New MacBook Pro or iMac Pro

Firstly, ensure that you connect your new Mac to your old PC. This can be done by using the Ethernet or it can also be done wirelessly by making sure that both the devices are on the same local Wi-Fi network.

Steps to follow in this process:

Step 1: In the Mac machine, launch a Finder window.

Step 2: After this, select the Applications in the sidebar. Now you double-click or control-click on the Utilities folder.

Step 3: Next click on Migration Assistant and then Click Continue. You will need to input your Mac’s system password.

Step 4: Choose the option From a PC when prompted to select how you wish to transfer your information. After that Click Continue.

Step 5: In your old Windows PC, first you have to download and install the Migration Assistant.

This Migration Assistant helps transferring files from your PC to your new Mac extremely easy. Once installed, next, open Migration Assistant on your Windows PC.

On opening, it will attempt to connect to your new Mac. You will see a security code on the screen. Ensure that this code on your PC is the same as on your new MacBook Pro.

Step 6: Choose the files, folders and settings that you desire to migrate from your Windows PC to your new Mac.

Step 7: At last you just have to Click Continue.

That is all. On having done this, you just have to wait patiently for the process to get completed with success.

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