How to Transfer Gmail Contacts to iCloud Account

Your iCloud account can help you sync your contacts and probably, for this reason, you may not want Google Contacts on your iPhone or iPad.

In case you have synced your Google and iCloud contacts on your iOS device, you may have to face the issue of duplicate contacts. To avoid this situation, simply disable your Google contacts and transfer Gmail contacts to iCloud account.

Moving your Google contacts to iCloud account takes a few easy steps; the process entails checking your Google contacts on your browser and then syncing the Google contacts with an iCloud account.

First, you need to import your contacts and then export it to iCloud. Isn’t it simple? Go ahead…


How to Sync Gmail Contacts to iCloud Account

Once you sync your contacts, you can turn off Google contacts from Accounts and Passwords on your iOS devices. This method is also explained at the end of this tutorial.

How to Import Google Contacts to iCloud Account

Export Google Contacts

Step #1: Open Google Contacts in your browser on Mac or Windows.

Step #2: Login to your Google Account.

Step #3: Click on More next to Add Contacts button from the top.

Click on More in

Step #4: Click on Export.

Export Google Contacts

Step #5: Select which contacts you want to export: Selected Contacts, the Groups, and All Contacts. By default, All contacts are selected.

Step #6: Next, choose Vcard format (VCF) from the options for an Export format and click on Export button.

Export Google Contacts in VCF format

Step #7: Choose your desired location to save the contact file.


How to Import Google Accounts to iCloud Account

Step #1: Open in your browser on Mac or PC.

Step #2: Now, click on Contacts.

Step #3: Next, Click on Gear icon from the bottom left corner.

Click on Gear icon to transfer Google Contacts to iCloud Account

Step #4: From the popup menu, choose Import Vcard.

How to Import Google Accounts to iCloud Account

Step #5: Select the VCF file format you just downloaded and exported from Google Contacts.

Whatever device is connected to this iCloud account will now have all the contacts synced. If you have your Google contacts synced too, you will find duplicates. In this case, you can either remove the Google account or just turn off “Contacts” from Settings → Accounts and Passwords → Google Account → Disable Contacts switch.

That’s all friends!


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