How to Move Health Data to a New iPhone 8, 8 Plus and iPhone X

If you are planning to buy a new Apple Watch or iPhone, you should not forget your health data, which is very confidential and crucial for any health conscious user like you. Unlike earlier Apple operating systems, iOS 11 makes it possible for you to sync backup to iCloud, and to encrypt the backups via iCloud and iTunes. In case you want to move to a new device, you can move Health data to a new iPhone 8, 8 Plus and iPhone X.

When you create an encrypted backup of Health data on iCloud or iTunes, you need to restore it on your iPhone or Apple Watch after setting the device as new. To avoid this situation, you can use a third-party app Health Data Importer from Lionheart Software. Since this app comes at a cost of $4.99, you should use it in the last resort. For now, you can go ahead with backing up your health data with an encrypted backup.

How to Import Health Data to New iPhone 8, 8 Plus or iPhone X

Method 1: How to Backup Health Data with an Encrypted Backup

It is universally accepted that Apple Watch doesn’t make a backup in real sense of the word; as a matter of fact, your smartwatch simply syncs Health data to your iPhone’s health storeroom. While syncing Health data, your Apple Watch also saves watch faces and other such data in an iPhone backup. In case you wish to move that data to a new Apple Watch, you need to force a backup by unpairing your Apple watch.

In case you have plans to buy a new iPhone with your Apple Watch, you should create an encrypted iCloud or iTunes backup of your watch and iPhone data. Whenever you back up to iCloud, you create encrypted iCloud backups; however, encrypted iTunes backup is slightly different.

Step #1: Connect your iPhone or iPad with your Mac or Windows computer.

Note that many users have experienced iTunes not recognizing iPhone, iPad, or iPod issues.

Step #2: Next, launch iTunes (if it fails to appear automatically).

Step #3: Now click on the device icon from the tab bar.

Step #4: Then you need to click on Summary.

Step #5: Here, you should click the checkbox next to ‘Encrypt iPhone/iPad backup’. This action will backup your Health data.

Step #6: Finally, click on Back Up Now under Manually Back Up and Restore.

Method 2: Sync with iCloud

In its latest iOS 11, Apple allows users to sync encrypted data of Health data to iCloud. Simply make sure that your iPhone is running the latest iOS 11.

Step #1: Launch Settings app.

Step #2: Head to the iCloud user pane seen at the top of your phone screen.

Step #3: Now tap on iCloud.

Step #4: Finally, you need to enable Health app under ‘Apps Using iCloud’. If the slider is disabled, your health data will not sync.

While the above two methods require you to set your devices as new, a third-party app can help you transfer your health data to a new iPhone without much hassle. You can use Health Data Importer, which is a third-party app.

What Health Data Importer can transfer?

  1. Active Energy
  2. Cycling Distance
  3. Flights Climbed
  4. Heart Rate
  5. Height
  6. Mindful Minutes (Breathe)
  7. Oxygen Saturation
  8. Resting Energy
  9. Sleep Analysis
  10. Steps
  11. Swim Distance
  12. Walking and Running Distance
  13. Weight
  14. Workouts

If you think that the app has covered everything, check it again. This list doesn’t have a few important statistics. This app doesn’t transfer your minutes of exercise, your stand or roll data. It is because Apple doesn’t allow any third-party app to record those categories, and therefore, Health Data Importer fails to transfer data.

Point to Ponder

Health Importer has another limitation in transferring more than a million points of data. The app will show you an error if you make any attempt to restore the archive. You should better import a single source at a time.

To move complete health data, we suggest you to go for an encrypted backup to restore data.

Method #3: How to Transfer Health Data to New iPhone 8, 8 Plus or iPhone X Using Health Importer App

Step #1: First off connect your new iPhone to a power source. It is not a part of this method but to play safe, the step is mandatory.

Step #2: Launch Health app on your existing iPhone.

Step #3: Tap on Health Data (four squares) from the bottom menu.

Step #4: Next, tap on profile icon from the top right corner of your iPhone.

Step #5: Now tap on Export Health Data button; you can see this tab at the bottom of your profile. A pop-up will ask if you are sure to export your data. Tap on Export button.

Step #6: Exporting data will take some time. Once this process is finished, save the export to Files App.

Step #7: Set up your new iPhone 8, 8 Plus or iPhone X.

While you are setting up your new iPhone, we advise you to set auto-lock time to Never from Settings → Display & Brightness. This health data transfer may take long time and therefore, you should avoid any interruption.

Step #8: On your new iPhone, set up the Health app.

Step #9: Download Health Data Importer; it will cost you $4.99.

Step #10: Launch Health Data Importer on your new iPhone.

Step #11: Tap on Import tab.

Step #12: Tap on in Files App. The app will prepare the file for decompression.

If your iPhone suddenly shuts down during this process, the app will get stuck and never comes back to Preparing screen. The only solution left is to delete Health Data Importer from your iPhone and download it again from App Store. You need to start afresh from step #10.

Step #13: Once the process is finished, the app will provide you all data points as arranged by source. Tap on sources you want to import to your new iPhone. You can also tap on Select All to transfer entire Health backup to new iPhone.

Step #14: Health Access screen will appear on your iPhone; tap on ‘Turn All Categories On’ to let the app record all Health data. Next tap on Allow.

Step #15: Health Data Importer will start importing the data. The transfer time solely depends on the size of your health data.

Step #16: Once the data is imported, launch Files App on your iPhone.

Step #17: Tap on Select from the upper right corner of your phone.

Step #18: Locate the Health file and select the same.

Step #19: Tap on Delete button from the bottom right corner.

Step #20: Confirm your action by tapping Delete from Files App.

It is done! Your health data is now imported to your new iPhone. Enjoy working out with your new device.

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