The cloud to cloud transfer allows you seamless data management when one of the cloud storage services is exhausted. The case in point is iCloud Drive and Google Drive. It is a fact universally known that iCloud gives you 5GB free storage capacity; while Google offers 15GB with each account. Therefore, people would surely like to transfer files from iCloud Drive to Google Drive.

While you are migrating your data from iCloud Drive to Google Drive, you normally sync your files, photos, pictures, documents, videos, contacts, iPad or iPhone backup and other data. All your data is valuable and therefore, you need to take extra care while managing multiple cloud storage. A strong Wi-Fi network is pre-requisite to download Google Drive on your Mac (this is a boon). One of the important benefits of syncing iCloud Drive to Google Drive is that users can then explore and edit their iPhone data on Android devices as well as they can access Google Drive from their Android phones or tablets.

This method of moving between cloud data is also helpful when you are switching from iOS to Android. The process is pretty simple as you just have to drag files from one drive and drop them on another drive. Android users, who wish to update to a higher end Android phone, they can use Google Drive to backup Android phone to Google Drive.

How to Transfer Files from iCloud Drive to Google Drive

How to Transfer iCloud Drive Files to Google Drive on Mac or Window PC

If you haven’t downloaded Google Drive app on your Mac or personal computer, you can download the same before you go ahead. Once the download is finished on your Mac, the app will automatically create a Finder shortcut under Favorites. On your Windows computer, the app will ask for permission to create a shortcut in the File Explorer.

Mac users have default access to iCloud Drive. For Windows users, they can download iCloud Drive app before moving ahead.

Step #1: Launch two Finder windows on your Mac; if you are on Windows computer, open File Explorer.

Step #2: Click on iCloud Drive from the left bar in one window.

Step #3: Next, click on Google Drive in the left bar in another window.

Step #4: Now choose the file you want to migrate in iCloud Drive folder.

Step #5: Finally, click and drag all files to the Google Drive folder.

You are done! Now Google Drive will do the job and sync all files for you.

How to Move iCloud Drive Files to Google Drive on Web

If you don’t like the idea of using iCloud Drive and Google Drive apps on desktop, you can use another method: transfer your files using the web apps. To do this, you need to download each file from your iCloud Drive at and then upload the same files again on Google Drive by using drag and drop feature.

This process will certainly take a lot of your time as you are supposed to download files individually from iCloud Drive. Unfortunately, iCloud Drive doesn’t offer the facility to batch-download or batch-transfer all files. It is recommended that you use desktop apps; if you have only a few files in your iCloud Drive, you can go ahead and use this second method.

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