How to Transfer Music from Computer and Mac to Android

August and September witnessed launch of three smartphones from leading brands – Samsung, Apple, and Google. All the three brands released their flagship mobiles Note 7, iPhone 7/7 Plus and Pixel/Pixel XL respectively. What is common among the three phones is storage capacity they offer.

If you check features & specifications of iPhone 7 and 7 Plus and Google Pixel and Pixel XL, you will realize that minimum storage capacity begins with 32GB and goes to 128GB in Google’s phones and 256GB in Apple’s iPhones. While Note 7 offers minimum storage of 64GB and you can expand it up to 128GB with a microSD card.

This change is warmly welcome by music lovers, who can now store a number of music files on their devices. For iPhone users, they now don’t need to rely on iTunes or iCloud storage to listen to music offline.

A step further, this facility has made life easier for users, who want to transfer music to Android phone. It is quite obvious that many iOS users would turn to Google’s Pixels if not to Note 7 (after the blast episodes). And therefore, this information comes handy for Android users.

For Mac users, they can copy music from Mac onto Android phone using Android File Transfer.

How to Transfer Music from Your Computer or Mac to an Android

How to Put Music on Android Phone from Mac

Step #1: First off download Android File Transfer on Mac.

Step #2: Once download and installation is completed, connect your Android phone with Mac through USB.

Step #3: Now open Android File Transfer from the Finder or Dock.

Step #4: Click on Finder window and open the music folder in which you store music files.

Step #5: If your phone has SD card, click on it or click on Phone. If your phone doesn’t offer a microSD slot, you won’t be able to see this option.

Step #6: Now drag and drop individual music files or folders onto Android File Transfer.

While transferring files, be careful that you should not overload the Android File Transfer with more than 1GB data. Slow and steady wins the race!

How to Transfer Music from Computer to Android Phone Wirelessly using AirDroid

If you want to eliminate the dependency of Cable, there is another method to transfer music. With this method, you can transfer music from computer to Android phone without USB. Here, you are not required to download Android File Transfer on your Mac; simply log on to AirDroid and follow the steps given below. AirDroid is compatible with both Mac and personal computer.

Step #1: On your Android device, download and install AirDroid from the Google Play Store.

Step #2: Now open AirDroid from home screen or from app tray.

Step #3: Tap on Sign in or Sign up.

Step #4: Type in your email ID and password.

Step #5: Tap on Sign in.

Step #6: You can avoid app notifications option while setting up the app.

Next, open on your Mac. This app also gives you an option of desktop client.

Step #7: Type in your email ID and password and click on Sign in.

Step #8: If asked, click the device you would like to put music into and click OK.

You will get a notification on your Android phone that AirDroid is connected.

Step #9: Click on Music button from the bottom left of AirDroid options. A window will open.

Step #10: Click on Upload.

Step #11: Next, click open a Finder window.

Step #12: Drag and drop music or folders as you wish.

You can drag and drop a number of files; there is no restriction. Provided your phone should have space to house the music files. One thing you are not sure of is the location of music stored – whether it is on phone or on SD card. If your Android phone is smart enough, you can more your music files to SD card.

How to transfer music from Windows computer to Android phone

You can use AirDroid on your Windows computer as well to put music on Android phone. But this requires Wi-Fi internet connection on both devices. On your Windows computer, there is an easier way of putting music on Android. With your USB cable, you can easily transfer music – it’s connect, drag, drop and done.

Step #1: Connect your Android phone with Windows computer through USB cable.

Step #2: On your Android phone, tap on USB connection.

Step #3: Next, tap the circle next to Transfer files (MTP). This will fire up File Explorer automatically.

Step #4: Now open another File Explorer window from your taskbar on computer.

Step #5: Search for the music files you want to transfer to your Android phone.

Step #6: Start the transfer by dragging and dropping music files to your Android device. You can choose either phone’s internal storage or external one, i.e microSD card.

It is done! The above three methods can smoothly transfer your music files to Android phone.

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