How to Transfer Music from iTunes to Android Phone [Tutorial]

It is a rare situation when somebody changes his smartphone from iPhone to an Android one. But there are people who have recently voted in favour of Samsung, LG, HTC, Motorola or Google Pixel Smartphones. If you are the one, you would surely like to Transfer Photos from iPhone to Android Smartphone and also Transfer Music from iTunes to Android Phone.

Music is the most saleable product today. People subscribe to online channels to listen to and download songs. Communication devices like iPhone and iPad help them store music files. But not all users own an iPhone with 256GB storage capacity; such users store music on cloud services like iCloud. And then they need to move Music from iTunes to Android Phone.

Now the moot question for such users is to sync music from iTunes to Android devices when they migrate from iOS to Android products. iOS has created strong stonewall that is difficult to dent. Hence, users find it extremely challenging to transfer music from iTunes to Android. However, there are ways to send your music files from iTunes to Android.

How to Transfer Music from iTunes to Android Phone

Manual Transfer

First off, you can select this method of manually transferring music. In this method, users are supposed to copy their iTunes music files in a temporary folder on their computer. Next, they can sync their Android devices to the computer via USB cable or USB C Cable and launch the music folder of phone. Now it is quite easy to transfer music files from computer to their Android phone’s music folder. You can choose copy-paste or drag-and-drop method.

Use Google Play Music to Transfer Songs from iTunes to Android

Many users find it awkward to transfer files from iTunes to Android phone; the solution lies in third-party apps and software, which help you shift music files from iTunes to Android.

Google Play Music is a music streaming service from Google; it uses cloud based service to store, stream and sync music. But before you download this app on your computer, check country availability for apps & digital content.

Since Google’s Play Music is a streaming service and cloud storage, you need an uninterrupted flow of internet. A Wi-Fi connection is recommended as your mobile data will be drained quickly. Play Music offers you a song limit of 50,000 on your Google account. This is a good feature but if your music libraries have thousands of songs, you better check the count.

On your computer, Google Play Music allows you to sync your music folders with Google; you can add all your songs to the cloud, from where you can play on any compatible device. You need to set iTunes’ default folders for upload.

How to Sync iTunes Music to Android using Use doubleTwist

doubleTwist is a third-party programme that lets you transfer iTunes music to Android. This software works on both Windows PC and Mac. By using doubleTwist, you can transfer playlists, music and videos from iTunes to your Android devices like phone or tablet.

While importing music files through doubleTwist, you should be careful that the copied files are stored in Music folder available on the internal SD card of your Android phone or tablet.

Step #1: Download and install doubleTwist on your computer.

Step #2: Sync your phone with the computer. Check that USB Mass Storage (MTP) mode is enabled on phone or tablet.

Step #3: Once your device is recognized automatically, you can see a syncing window.

Now doubleTwist will start its job of transferring all music files, playlists or chosen music files from your iTunes to Android phone.

Transferring Music and playlists to an Android Phone/Tablet

Step #1: On doubleTwist, you will find different check boxes viz. Playlists, albums, artists, and genres. You can select all the check boxes by clicking on a single check box: Sync music.

Step #2: Click ‘Sync now’ button seen at the bottom of doubleTwist dialogue box. This will initiate the process of transferring music to Android device.

AirSync for Wireless syncing for iTunes and Android (doubleTwist)

doubleTwist also allows you to sync music files wirelessly; use AirSync app of doubleTwist. This comes at a price tag of $4.99. You can also download and use doubleTwist Pro; this will give you full feature app use and cost you $8.99.

If you are using doubleTwist Pro, you need to download doubleTwist Music Player on their Android devices and doubleTwist desktop software. Also ensure that both devices should be connected with the same local area network (LAN) so that AirSync can perform its task.

Step #1: Open doubleTwist on Android smartphone.

Step #2: Tap on Settings and activate AirSync.

Step #3: Next, tap Set up AirSync to configure the AirSync connection.

Step #4: You will find a five-digit passcode; remember the passcode.

Step #5: Now click on doubleTwist on your computer.

Step #6: You can see your device name with AirSync logo under Devices. Click on the device name to launch the passcode entry screen.

Step #7: Enter the five-digit passcode to start the pairing process.

Step #8: After successful pairing, you can initiate transferring iTunes music to Android smartphone.

Sync iTunes to Android

If you don’t want to spend any bucks on doubleTwist or doubleTwist Pro, you can use a free app available on Google Play Store. Sync iTunes to Android is a free app that allows you to sync one playlist at a time with not more than 100 songs. If you want to remove this restriction and ads on the app, you can go for the premium version Sync iTunes to Android – Pro.

Step #1: Along with Android app, users also need to download Synctunes desktop client on their Windows PC.

Step #2: Open Sync iTunes to Android on your Android phone and note the IP address shown at the bottom of the screen.

Step #3: Next, you need to open Sync iTunes to Android on your computer and enter that unique IP address you have found on your Android phone.

Step #4: Now choose a category or a playlist from the list and click on Start Sync (Here, note that premium version users can choose multiple categories or playlists).

Step #5: Media files to be synced on phone will appear in a window. Here, click on Yes.

Step #6: A dialogue box appears telling you that successful transfer of music files.

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