How to Transfer Photos from iCloud to Android Without Computer?

People always associate anything iOS related to Apple products and services only. However, a person might have both iOS and Android devices.

With that in mind, one can use iCloud as well as Google Drive to store files. Has anyone ever thought to figure out how to transfer photos from iCloud to Android without computer?

To tell you the truth, the process is a bit complex if you are not tech-savvy. However, you will get the gist after trying it out the first time.

There are few methods you can apply, but it all depends on what is more convenient for you.


Transfer Photos from iCloud to Android: Browser

Transfer Photos from iCloud to Android Using Browser

You can try it out on PC, but we are here to learn how to transfer these photos without turning on the PC in the first place. Make sure the Android device has a stable internet connection first.

1. Open Browser

Whatever browser you use on your Android smartphone or tab, open it and go to the iCloud site, The page will ask you to sign in first.


2. Export Photos

Use the Apple account you have to log in, and you will be taken to your backup files. Now tap the Photos and choose the images you want to export.


3. Download

If you have saved them as files, you will have to open them and choose the pictures. Download them to your Android phone and open a different file to select more images.


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Transfer Photos from iCloud to Android: AirMore

Transfer Photos from iCloud to Android with AirMore App


AirMore is an app that allows wireless links from one device to another. You will need a strong Wi-Fi connection for seamless photo transfer.


1. Install the App

The first step is to download the app to both iOS and Android devices and run them. Double-check to ensure both devices are using the same network for this to work.


2. Phone Transfer

As you launch the app, you will see the More option. Tap on it and go to Phone Transfer. This will now allow the app to search both devices. Look for the avatar icon to appear during the search on either phone and select it right away.


3. Send Photos

Once linked, select the Album from the iOS device to choose the pictures you wish to move. Tap on the Send, and the immediate transferring to the Android device will initiate.


Transfer Photos from iCloud to Android: Google Photos

transfer photos from icloud to android with google photos


The final method includes installing Google Photos to your iOS and Android phones. If you have a Google account, sign in to run it. You should sign up first in case this is your first time using the app.

Now, focus on your iOS phone, upload the desired images to Google Photos there.

Take your Android phone and sign in to the app. If you are already logged in, simply refresh the page. You can, then, access the uploaded images from the Android device without using any cable.


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Final Words

These are the primary methods for how to transfer photos from iCloud to Android without computer. Are they not super easy?

The new tach updates have made it possible to think out of boundaries and apply it without any issue. Let us hope this article has helped you with the problem somehow. Thanks!

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