Transferring iPhone and iPad photos to Windows 10 PC can be a breeze if you use Google Photos app on both your iOS devices. All you need to do is to download Google Photos app on your iPhone or iPad and give permission to Google Photos to access your photos. But before this, you may want to edit some of your pictures with the help of Windows 10 Photos app. Or you would like to save your memories for long time offline, where storage capacity is not an issue.

Instead of this cloud importing of photos, you can also go for a manual movement of your photos from iOS devices to the computer.

How to Transfer Photos from iPhone and iPad to Windows 10 PC via File Explorer

Step #1: First off, install iTunes on your Windows computer.

Step #2: Connect your iPhone or iPad with the computer using lightning cable or 30-pin dock to USB cable.

Step #3: Open Windows Explorer from Start menu, desktop or task bar. You can take a shortcut command Windows key + E.

Step #4: On Windows Explorer, click on Arrow before This PC. You will see an arrow facing right (>) before an icon of a computer monitor.

Step #5: Next click on the iPhone or iPad from the sub-menu of This PC. You can locate your iPhone/iPad with the help of your name (or any name you have assigned to your iOS device).

Step #6: Now double click on Internal Storage.

Step #7: Again double click on DCIM.

Step #8: Double click on any folder; there are images in the folder.

Step #9: Here you can copy a single or multiple images with the help of Ctrl + Mouse click or Ctrl + A.

Step #10: Once you select the images to copy, click on ‘Copy to’. This option is seen in the menu above the window.

Step #11: A drop-down menu will appear; finally, click on any folder listed in the menu or you can click on Choose location to decide on a location.

Click on a decided folder and the photos you have selected will be transferred to the same folder on your Windows computer.

If you have clicked on ‘Choose location’, you need to give proper path and then click on Copy button to transfer the photos.

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How to Import Photos from iPhone or iPad by using Windows 10 Photos app

Step #1: Follow the first two steps as mentioned above.

Step #2: Open Photos app from desktop or Start menu or task bar.

Step #3: On the Collection page, click on Import button located at the top right corner of computer screen.

Step #4: You can see all photos available on your iPhone or iPad; this might create confusion as to which photos to select and which to skip. By default, all your photos will be selected (see that tick mark on top right corner of thumbnail images).

You can see here photos listed by months. If you want to import photos regularly every month, keep this selection and hit the Import button. Otherwise, click on Clear all button. This will remove the selection and now you can select the photos you want to import to your choice of folders in computer.

Step #5: After selecting the photos, click on Continue button.

Step #6: In the next window, you need to select ‘Day’ option, which is right below ‘Import into folders organized by’. If you select month, all the photos of the last month will be imported.

Here, you can also set the path by clicking on ‘Change where they’re imported’ link.

Also note that you can delete imported items from your iPhone or iPad by checking the box below the drop-down menu.

Finally, hit the Import button and the photos will be imported to your computer.

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How to Move Photos from iPhone or iPad to Windows 10 Through iCloud

Considering that you don’t have installed iCloud on your Windows computer, we give you this link to download and install iCloud.

Once download and installation is finished, your computer restarts and after the restart, iCloud automatically appears.

Enter your Apple ID and password and click on Sign In. Now follow the steps given below.

Step #1: Click on Options button seen next to Photos.

Step #2: Now click the My Photo Stream check box.

Step #3: You can see that ‘Upload new photos and videos from my PC’ is already checked. You need to uncheck this option.

Step #4: Next, click on Done button at the bottom.

Step #5: Finally, click on Apply and all photos on your iCloud will be downloaded to your personal computer.

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This is done! Your photos are now transferred to your Windows computer from iPhone and iPad. Like this information? Share your feedback with us on FacebookTwitter and Google Plus.


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