How to Turn Any Button into Shortcut Key on Android Smartphone

Any regular Android user should by now be familiar with its conventional button layout of the power and volume keys. Of course, there are a few exceptions to this such as the Sony Xperia which has an extra Camera button, but by large most of us wish to setup custom shortcut keys on our Android device for added flexibility.

Remapping physical keys on Android earlier needed the expertise of being a rooted power-user. However, with the accessibility settings of Android Marshmallow, you can remap key without root access by using a few simple steps. Now, you can create your desired shortcut just as you want it without having to go through complicated and possibly risky (for new users) maneuvers. Here are the steps to follow for getting it done.

How to Turn Any Button into Shortcut Key on Android Phone

Step 1: Firstly, download the Button Mapper app from Play Store. It should be shown as a Beta version but ignore this and go ahead.

Download and Install Button Mapper app

Step 2: After the app gets downloaded and installed properly, just launch it as usual like any other app.

Open Button Mapper app

Step 3: Once you open the app, it will prompt you to select the Go button, do it by pressing. Just go ahead as per the instruction.

Press Go to Activate Accessibility option

Step 4: After the previous step, you should reach the ‘Accessibility’ page located in your phone’s Settings menu. Keep scrolling downward and locate Button Mapper in the list of apps. Now, use the Toggle switch present at the top right corner to enable it by switching on for allowing access.

Toggle on Button Mapper Option

Step 5: As soon as you return to the app you will view the list of all physical buttons, select the button that you wish to convert into a shortcut key.

Tap on Volume Button

Step 6: Next, change the switch to On present adjacent to the Customize button.

Toggle on Customize Option

Step 7: Now, you just have to choose whether you want the Single tap or the Long press the button options.

Press on Single Tap Option

Step 8: Using the above mentioned steps will let you provide each button with a dedicated task. You can select them to see the complete list of assigned shortcuts that you can apply.

List of Shortcut Key

There is an in-app purchase the Button Mapper app offers that you can avail to get the Double Tap benefit for the shortcut keys. If you prefer that you can opt for it, but until then we suggest you to use the long press options or single tap which becomes easy if you use the app frequently.

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Just go ahead and try having a shortcut on any button of your smartphone using these instructions without having to root. Do the steps again and create as many shortcut keys as you like with other physical buttons for easy access. Share your feedback with us on FacebookTwitter and Google Plus.

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