Fed up with the countless notifications you receive on your Apple Watch 1, Series 2 or Series 3? Thankfully, you can manage those alerts and notifications with a simple method. But there is more to this notification game than just stopping them on your Apple Watch and iPhone, which is constantly paired. Since you are using stock and third-party apps on your Apple Watch, it takes different methods to mute notifications on your smart watch. You can either use your iPhone or the paired watch to prevent notifications on Apple Watch. Moreover, you can be selective in your efforts to manage notifications on iPhone as well as Apple Watch. So here is how to turn off Apple Watch notifications.

Normally, we keep our iPhone either in pockets or in our bag, and this inspires us to quickly glance over our Apple Watch to see who is there who wants to chat with us or is there any important news hit the stand. But you are not all that relax to check each and every alert that pops up or vibrates on your Apple Watch. As said above, you may be receiving hundreds of notifications in a day, and it is not necessary to check all of them. A better way is to focus on your job is to disable notifications on Apple Watch; or you may allow some important ones and turn off notifications for some apps. Thus you can selectively disable sounds and haptics for Apple Watch apps.

How to Turn off Apple Watch Notifications

How to Turn off Apple Watch Notifications

Remember, your Apple Watch (except cellular + GPS model) is just a mirror to your iPhone, and therefore, by default, it doesn’t send any notification to you; the watch simply mirrors notifications received on iPhone.

Completely Disable Notifications from iPhone and Apple Watch

Step #1: Launch Settings app on your iPhone (which is paired with your Apple Watch).

Step #2: Now tap on Notifications.

Tap on Notification in iPhone Settings

Step #3: Choose the app that sends numerous notifications on your watch.

Choose the App you want to stop getting notification

Step #4: Next, toggle Allow Notifications OFF.

Turn OFF Allow Notification Option on iPhone

All the underlying options will be disappeared quickly.

This will disable the selected apps from sending notifications; basically, you won’t even receive notifications for those apps on your iPhone also.

On your Apple Watch, your apps are divided into two groups; one is your stock apps and the others are third-party apps. Note that you can customize haptics and sounds of notifications on your stock apps; this is not the case with the third-party apps. The notifications scheme on stock apps is very much complex as each app has different notification settings inside. However, here we discuss how you can turn off notifications on third-party apps from Watch app on your iPhone.

How to Turn Off Notification for Each App on Apple Watch Only

Step #1: Launch Watch app on your iPhone.

Tap on Watch App

Step #2: Tap on the My Watch tab from the bottom menu.

Tap on My Watch Tab in Watch App on iPhone

Step #3: Now tap on Notifications.

Tap on Notification in Watch App on iPhone

Step #4: You can see that preinstalled apps (your Apple-made apps) are listed first and then under ‘MIRROR IPHONE ALERTS FROM’ section, you will find third-party apps.

If you wish to turn off notifications of preinstalled apps on your Apple Watch, simply tap on that app from the notifications window.

Select the Pre-installed or Default App

Now, change the alert style from Mirror my iPhone to Custom.

Change Style from Mirror to Custom Alert in Watch App on iPhone

Toggle Show Alerts OFF.

Disable Show Alert Option in Watch App on iPhone

Step #5: To disable notifications of third-party apps, simply turn off the switch next to the apps in notifications screen in Watch app on your iPhone.

Choose any third Party App and Turn it off

Note that this will stop notifications on your Apple Watch only as you can always receive notifications for that app/s on your iPhone.

Going forward, you will be able to pay enough attention to your job/task; your Apple Watch will not disturb you often with those irritating sounds and haptics.

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