Music is something very personal to me (and it is for all), and therefore, I don’t like the idea of accepting requests of others to play their choice of music on my HomePod. But guests are guests! You can’t say no to them. When you play the music of your others’ choice, ‘For You’ recommendations are diluted on your Apple Music. As a music lover, nobody can tolerate this. So what’s the way out? Well, you can protect your Apple Music ‘For You’ recommendations on HomePod.

You need to turn off ‘Use Listening History’ on HomePod with your iOS device or using Siri to keep Apple Music ‘For You’ recommendations safe. However, when you disable ‘Use Listening History’, your Apple Music will stop tracking your music listening activities. For this very reason, I have to keep ‘Use Listening History’ ON when guests leave the house. When they are in, I would like to deactivate this feature.

How to Turn Off:On HomePod Listening History

How to Turn Off/On HomePod Listening History

As mentioned above, you can secure your Apple Music ‘For You’ recommendations by using iOS device and Siri. We will discuss both methods here.

How to Protect Apple Music ‘For You’ Recommendations on HomePod

Step #1: Open the Home app on your iOS device.

Step #2: Next, press and hold on HomePod icon.

Step #3: Now, tap on Details.

Step #4: At last, turn ON/OFF “Use Listening History” switch which is located under the “Music & Podcasts” label.

Use Siri to Enable or Disable Use Listening History

To Turn Off

Just speak, “Hey Siri, turn off Use Listening History.”

To Turn ON

Just speak, “Hey Siri, turn ON Use Listening History.”

That’s all friends!

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