How to Quickly Unlock iPhone X Using Face ID After a Failed Attempt

Face ID is one of the biggest achievements of Apple in 2017 as the brand launched its most advanced smart phone with Face ID feature. It helps owner claim his/her ownership by the face, and there can be nothing better than your Face to unlock your most precious device. But not all go as per your plans. Face ID is not as perfect as heaven. And therefore, you need to take some action when it fails to identify your face or in other words, Face ID doesn’t recognize you. At this, you need to find a trick so that you can quickly unlock iPhone X with Face ID after a failed attempt.

In a day, there are a lot of things users do with Face ID. Over a period of time, the feature becomes essential to perform many tasks like auto-filling passwords and credit card information, downloading apps from App Store, sign up into apps, using Apple Pay, and more such tasks. While using your Face ID, you are not sure how your face would look like during different parts of the day. When you wake up, you may have a puffy face; in the noon, you may be sweating; and in the evening, your face may look tired.

In above-mentioned situations, your Face ID can fail to recognize your face (you can train your iPhone X Face ID to recognize your different facial expressions). There can be multiple reasons why Face ID not working on your iPhone X. In some cases, users have also experienced that Face ID has been disabled on their iPhone X. But as of now, your quick concern is to unlock your iPhone X with Face ID immediately after one or two failed attempts.

Face ID Failed After First Attempt? Here is How to Fix

How to Unlock iPhone X with Face ID After a Failed Attempt without Leaving Lock Screen

After one failed attempt to authenticate yourself on your iPhone X, you can take second attempt by using a gesture that can be difficult for you first. On the lock screen of your iPhone X, after the failed attempt, quickly slide your finger or thumb slightly up and then down on the Home Bar, which is at the bottom of your iPhone X screen. In your first few attempts, you may find this trick difficult to perform, but trust me, when you finish this successfully, your phone screen will take this gesture as natural. Upon successful completion of this gesture, if you can unlock your phone with Face ID, notifications will unlock and you can check them.

Should you use Face ID?

Of course, yes. Apple has installed this feature to use and explore it to the fullest. Agreed that it has some hiccups in its run, but you will be able to use it smoothly after some time. Apple has always put extra stress on security and therefore, it has come up with this revolutionary feature. To my mind, Face ID will completely take over Touch ID in the next few years.

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