How to Use iOS 12 ARkit Measure App on iPhone [Step By Step Guide]

With iOS 12, Apple introduced Measure App that can Measure real-world objects and spaces with iPhone. This new ARKit 2 App won’t be able to replace standard measuring tape completely. However, it is fun to use ARKit measure app in iOS 12.

I found this measurement App highly accurate. The app itself offers you some great suggestions to get the thing done. This AR-based app can easily measure things like your luggage or any other object that can be seen in the camera. You can also take multiple measurements of a single object, using AR’s 3D spacial recognition so 3D objects can also be measured.

How to Use ARKit Measure App in iOS 12 on iPhone

How to Use ARkit Measure App in iOS 12 on iPhone

How to Take Measurement Using ARKit Measure app in iOS 12 on iPhone

Step #1: Open Measure app on your iOS device.

Launch Measure App in iOS 12 on iPhone

Step #2: Now, follow the onscreen instructions for moving your iPhone around.

One thing to note here is that when you are trying to locate the point from which you want to measure, you will get the recommendation about a place with a larger white dot. Furthermore, you will also get alert with haptic feedback.

Step #3: Next, A white circle having a white dot inside will start appearing on the screen. Just point that circle from where you want to start measuring. Then tap on the + button to create a point.

Start Measuring the Real World Object in iOS 12 on iPhone

If you want to go back to your previous action, then tap on Undo icon from the top left.

Step #5: Next up, move your iPhone towards the direction where you want to end the measurement. You will start seeing measurement value as you move the iOS device or the dot to the endpoint

Step #6: Tap on “+” button again to complete the measurement of the line.

Use Measure App in iOS 12 on iPhone

Once you receive with the measurement, tap on it to see it in feet, inches and even centimetres. You can also share it with your friends and family member by just copying it and sending it via iMessage.

Note: If the item you have measured is a rectangle then a yellow box will come upon it. You can tap on it to get the dimensions.

Use ARKit Measure App on iPhone

Take the Photo of your measurement: Once you are done with taking the measurements, you will be able to capture the results. For that, you need to tap on the shutter button from the bottom right corner.

Capture Photo of Measurement in Measure App on iPhone

How to Delete the Measurement

At any time, if you want to delete the measurement, you have taken then simply tap on the clear button from the top right corner.

How to Use Level Tool in Measure App in iOS 12

From now onwards you won’t find the level tool in the Compass App. It has become the part of measure App.

Step #1: Open the Measure App on your device.

Step #2: Tap on Level tap from the bottom.

Tap on Level Tool in Measure App

Step #3: Now, your iOS device will tell you whether you are positioned it vertically, horizontally, holding it upright or placed on a flat surface. When you picked up your iPhone straight, it will show zero, and the screen will go green.

How to Use Level Tool in Measure App in iOS 12 on iPhone

That’s it!

I found this Measure App very useful and handy. The App can fulfil your need when you don’t have the measuring tape.

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