Sometimes, I have to hide my friends’ posts on Facebook as some of my virtual friends create embarrassing situations by writing objectionable or annoying contents or posts. And while I am browsing my time line on Facebook, I have to close my laptop lid or go away somewhere to hide my phone screen from others. Thanks to Facebook, now I can use Facebook Snooze Button to Hide Friend’s Posts without deleting them for 30 days from iPhone and Android.

To use Snooze button, you don’t require anything on your iPhone or Android phone. It’s a built-in feature that temporarily mutes a Facebook friend’s posts. When you hide friend’s post on Facebook time line or news feed, you don’t get to see his/her annoying posts for thirty days. And the best part is that your friend doesn’t know that you have muted his Facebook posts using Snooze button. Basically, this Snooze feature allows you to unfollow a person, page, or group for 30 days.

How to Use Facebook Snooze Button to Hide Friend's Posts on iPhone and Android

How to Use Facebook Snooze Button to Hide Friend’s Posts on iPhone and Android

You can use Facebook Snooze button on your iPhone or Android phone by following the same method given below.

Step #1: Launch your Facebook app on your iPhone or Android phone.

Step #2: Next, scroll the news feed and check if there are posts of your friends whom you want to snooze. Note that you cannot use Facebook snooze button by visiting your friends’ profile page.

Step #3: Tap on three horizontal dots from the top right corner of your friend’s post.

Tap on horizontal dot to Snooze Post on Facebook

Step #4: A menu will swipe up with a few options like Save Post, Hide Post, Snooze (friend’s name) for 30 days, Hide all from (friend’s name).

Step #5: Tap on ‘Snooze (friend’s name) for 30 days’.

Tap on Snooze (friend’s name) for 30 days on Facebook so that you stop receiving his:her post on Facebook timeline

On your Facebook timeline, you will see a greyed message: You won’t see posts from (friend’s name) for 30 days. Next to this message, you will also find an ‘Undo’ button. If you tap on this button, you can see your friend’s posts on your news feed.

Tap on Undo to Unsnooze Facebook Friend Post

IMPORTANT: Once you have forced close your Facebook app, you won’t be able to unsnooze your friend’s posts; then you will have to wait for 30 days after which Facebook will notify that it has unsnoozed your friend’s posts.

Similarly, you can use this snooze button on a particular Facebook page or group you are following. Follow the same method as mentioned above and you can hide their posts temporarily.

Note that you cannot snooze sponsored posts on Facebook; moreover, you cannot use snooze button on the posts on which you have set preferences.

That’s it!

If your friend’s Facebook posts annoy you, go ahead and use snooze button.

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