How to Use Google Docs Research Tool Feature

Google has always evolved its products and services ever since it has launched search engine and mail services. Today, people are using number of Google products across the globe. Photos and YouTube may be used by people to have fun, but other products have found really sincere usage.

Moreover, in its efforts to give the best, Google has also challenged competitors like Microsoft and Apple; the successful integration of Google Docs and Google Drive is Microsoft’s worst nightmare. Users can explore many cool features of Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel in Google Drive and Docs.

Recently Google has enhanced its Docs feature especially for working professionals and students, who have to make presentation as part of their jobs and education. With this new thing, you can easily turn your resume, report, letter or project proposal into a highly professional document that can impress the receiver.

With the help of Research feature in Google Docs, you can enrich your current document with useful resources, links, images, citations and more. Let’s explore how to use google docs research tool.

How to Use Google Docs Research Tool

How to Use Google Research Tool

Step #1: Open any document from Google Docs.
To learn these steps, you can create a dummy document and do some practice.

Step #2: Now click on Tools from the upper menu, which is right below the name of your document.

Click on Tools Menu in Google Docs

Step #3: From the drop-down menu click on Research OR type in Ctrl + Alt + Shift + I.

Click on Research Option from Tools Menu

You can see a Research window at the right side of the screen. Put the cursor in the search bar and you will see some options below: Everything, Images, Scholar, Quotes, Dictionary, Personal, and Tables.

Step #4: Select the right option you want to add to your existing document.

Research Options in Google Docs

Step #5: You can add images from Google Images, scholarly articles or research papers, quotes, find words in dictionary etc. You can search and find an article you like to cite or link to the document.

Hover the mouse over search results and again you will see three options: Preview | Insert Link | Cite.

Mouse over Search Results to See Preview, Insert Link and Cite Option

Cite is an important feature here as you can add a reference to a particular word by clicking on Cite; this will add a superscript number next to the word and at the bottom of that particular page, you will see a link pasted. So that any reader can establish the connection between the word and the link given at the bottom of the page.

If you want to make your document graphically rich, search image results in the search bar and then just drag and drop your choice of image at a particular place in your document. Source of image will also be added to the bottom of the page.

In case you want to remove the footnote, just delete the superscript number in the document and all the footnotes will be deleted.

I must say that this is one of the best features from Google; I am sure that research students will be happy to use this feature directly on Google Docs instead of using Microsoft Word or Excel. Perhaps time has come for Microsoft to reinvent its leading software package MS Office.

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