The more storage your phone offers, the more you will be lured to store. This is what happens with many Google Pixel phone owners these days. The two latest smartphones from Google provide you good storage capacity; the internal storage capacity starts from 32GB and ends with 128GB. This clearly means that you have got only two variants. If you own a Pixel phone with 128GB storage capacity, you would surely be enticed to load more pictures, files, apps, videos and other contents on your phone.

This results into a phone packed with so much unnecessary stuff. Finally, you have to spring-clean your Google Pixel phones. But here again, you encounter an issue: what to delete and what to keep. Fret not, Google offers a Smart Storage feature on both the smartphones.

Smart Storage in your Google Pixel or Pixel XL can handle the issue if you let this feature perform a task on its own. Alternatively, you can manually manage your phone’s storage problem to make some space whenever necessary. Read the two methods given below.

How to Use Google Pixel and Pixel XL Smart Storage Feature to Remove Surplus Data

Auto Deletion

Open Settings → Tap on Storage → Manage storage.

Here, you will find some options. The first is Smart Storage toggle, which, if enabled, can remove backed up photos and videos. This action is triggered when your phone’s storage is almost full. Even if your photos and videos are deleted from the Pixel phones, you will be able to recover them from Google Photos.

Below the Smart Storage option, you will find ‘Remove backed up photos & videos’. This feature allows you to choose how frequently you want Smart Storage to delete photos and videos from your Pixel phones. You can select number of days from 30, 60 to 90.

Manual Cleaning

You can clean up the unnecessary data manually on your Google Pixel smartphones. Under the Automatic removal (in blue fonts), you will find Manual option in similar fonts.

Here, you can see ‘Free up space now’ option. Tap on this title and you will be presented with a screen titled: Choose items to remove.

On your phone, you have stored mainly three sorts of data: Photos & videos, Downloads, and Apps. Your Google Pixel will show the three options in the order.

You can either select any one item or go for all the three. Under the Downloads and Apps, you will see a list of Downloads and Apps. Select all or the ones you want to remove and tap on ‘Free up’ button. This button shows the size of data to be cleaned from your device.

In a few seconds, the unwanted data will be drained from your smartphone. You should use Smart Storage feature on your Google Pixel or Pixel XL phone frequently so that your device runs smoothly for a long period.

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