Messages app on iPhone and iPad has seen many welcome changes in iOS 11. This must have inspired many Windows users to use iMessage on Windows PC.

Recently, many Windows users have asked this question about Apple’s iMessage for PC. This has established Apple’s supremacy over communication arena even as there are so many free chat clients like Messenger, WhatsApp, Hangout, Skype and more.

As a matter of fact, many Apple fans have developed a sort of fascination with stock Apple apps, and therefore, they don’t like the idea of using third-party apps.

If you want to use iMessage on your Windows computer or laptop without Jailbreaking, follow the two methods given here.

How to Use iMessage on Windows PC 

There is no simple way to download and install Apple Message App on Windows PC. But there are few tricks using which you can get iMessage for PC. So to take advantage of this below mentioned trick you will need Mac. We already know that this will kill your excitement but there is no other alternative than this.

Step #1: First off, download Chrome and Chrome Remote Desktop on Mac and Windows computer.

Step #2: After installation, click on LAUNCH APP button.

Step #3: Now download Chrome Remote Desktop host installer on your Mac.

Step #4: Next, install the installer on Mac.

With the help of Chrome Remote Desktop, you can gain access to another computer through Chrome browser or Chromebook. Moreover, access to apps and files also becomes easier.

Step #5: You will be supplied a code to connect both computers; use the code, connect computers and get started. Start using iMessage on your Windows computer.

And now for those, who were disappointed by the first step in the above method, they can now go with below mentioned steps to use it without having a Mac.

Such users need to download iPadian on their Windows PC. iPadian is an emulator that builds a virtual iOS system on your Windows computer. This software allows you to install Messages app on your Windows PC or Laptop.

How to Install Apple iMessages App on Windows PC Using iPadian

Step #1: Open on your Windows computer and download the emulator.

Step #2: Now install .exe on computer and run the same.

Step #3: Keep accepting several terms and conditions set by iPadian.

Step #4: Open iPadian software on your Windows computer after the installation is successfully done.

Step #5: Next, look for iMessage in search bar.

Step #6: Download Messages app on your Windows computer.

Open the Messages app and experience iMessage on computer.

This is done!

After the release of iOS 11, Messages app has been revamped for better. Two changes people love to use most are how to add digital touch in iMessage and how to send iMessage with screen effects.

Apart from the two popular changes, people have also appreciated features like use of emoji tapbacks, sending low quality images via iMessage, sending iMessage with bubble effects, using emoji replacement and prediction, adding signature in Messages app, P2P Money transfer and more.

I hope all the Windows users must have liked this information. Do share your feedback with us on FacebookTwitter and Google Plus. You can also leave your comments in the section below.


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