How to Use iMessage on Windows PC or Laptop

Access to iMessage on your PC gives you a great comfort of typing long chats with all your fingers. So instead of using your thumb strength, you can get iMessage on PC using other fingers also. If you are using a Mac, there is always an easier way to set up iMessage to avoid using any third-party tools. However, there are many iPhone and iPad users, who own Windows computer, and therefore, using iMessage on Windows PC or laptop is a boon for them.

If you are using ipadian2 on your Windows computer, you are not required to use your Mac. Bluestacks is cool software that eliminates the need of Mac to use iMessage for PC. Other tools and workarounds require a Mac if you want to send iMessage from PC.

How to Use iMessage on Windows PC or Laptop

Like many chat clients (WhatsApp, Messenger, Hangout etc), iMessage is Apple’s own chat app and it is built-in the Messages app. Thus, it has become a default chat client that comes in your iPhone or iPad. The beauty of iMessage is that it helps you communicate with other iOS users over mobile data or Wi-fi internet. And the limitation is that you are allowed to chat only with other iOS device owners in the world. However, there are many excellent features packed inside iMessage and you would love to explore them.

Another major difference is that it doesn’t incur any cost as it works on cellular data or Wi-fi internet; so unlike Messages app, which is your traditional message app, iMessage is a smarter and newer method to communicate. You can send voice messages as well via iMessage. In the absence of mobile data or Wi-fi network, you can always rely on Messages app. You have to pay the carrier charge to use Messages app.

Why should you use iMessage for PC?

Every iPhone or an iPad user doesn’t own Mac. But they want to use iMessage the way Mac users use them. While they are busy doing their tasks on a computer, an iMessage on their iPhone or iPad may distract their attention. To avoid this, Windows owners love to use iMessage on their Windows system. Note that Linux users can also download iMessage on their Linux computers

How to Get iMessage on Windows PC 

There is no simple way to download and install Apple Message App on Windows PC. But there are few tricks using which you can get iMessage for PC. So to take advantage of this below-mentioned trick you will need Mac. We already know that this will kill your excitement but there is no other alternative than this.

Step #1: First off, download Chrome and Chrome Remote Desktop on Mac and Windows computer.

Step #2: After installation, click on LAUNCH APP button.

Open Chrome Remote Desktop on Mac and Windows PC

Step #3: Now download Chrome Remote Desktop host installer on your Mac.

Download Chrome Remote Desktop Installer on Mac and Windows PC

Install Chrome Remote Desktop Installer on Mac and PC

Step #4: Next, install the installer on Mac.

Install Chrome Remote Desktop on PC and Mac

Enter Mac Admin Password

With the help of Chrome Remote Desktop, you can gain access to another computer through Chrome browser or Chromebook. Moreover, access to apps and files also becomes easier.

Step #5: You will be supplied a code to connect both computers; use the code, connect computers and get started. Start using iMessage on your Windows computer.

And now for those, who were disappointed by the first step in the above method, they can now go with below-mentioned steps to use it without having a Mac.

How to Get iMessage on PC

Alternatively, you can also use TeamViewer to get iMessage on PC.

Such users need to download iPadian on their Windows PC. iPadian is an emulator that builds a virtual iOS system on your Windows computer. This software allows you to install Messages app on your Windows PC or Laptop.

How to Use Apple iMessages on Windows PC Using iPadian 2

Step #1: Open on your Windows computer and download the emulator.

Step #2: Now install .exe on a computer and run the same.

Step #3: Keep accepting several terms and conditions set by iPadian.

Step #4: Open iPadian software on your Windows computer after the installation is successfully done.

Step #5: Next, look for iMessage in the search bar.

Step #6: Download Messages app on your Windows computer.

Open the Messages app and experience iMessage on the computer.

This is done!

Use Bluestacks to Download iMessage for Windows

Till date, Windows users have believed that they cannot download iMessage on their Windows system. Agreed that iMessage is exclusive to Apple ecosystem, and therefore, it is not compatible with other operating systems. But friends, it is not completely impossible for any Windows user to download iMessage on PC. Bluestacks is amazing software that converts your Windows PC into an Android emulator. And using this, you can use iMessage on your Windows computer or laptop.

Step #1: First, you need to download Bluestacks Android emulator on your PC.

Step #2: The software will be stored by default into the Downloads folder on your computer.

Step #3: Double-click to run the exe file.

Step #4: Once Bluestacks installed on your computer, look for iMessage in the search bar.

Step #5: Now download the iMessage app setup and you are good to go.

You need to run this Bluestacks software on your PC every time you want to chat with your friends.

In above method, you are not required to use your Mac while using iMessage on your PC. However, if you want both – your Mac and PC – you can use iMessage on Android Phones

Use Pushbullet to Get iMessage Notifications on Windows PC

Pushbullet allows you to get iMessage notifications on your Windows PC/computer. When you install and set up this tool, it will work as a bridge between your mobile and desktop operating systems. Next, you can send text messages, your phone notifications, send files/documents, chat with friends, send links and more.

Should I jailbreak my iPhone (if above methods fail to work)?

Not at all! We do not recommend Jailbreaking iPhone as it will invite a lot of issues. Agreed, Jailbreak allows you to customize your iPhone the way you want; but at the same time, a Jailbroken iOS device is out of warranty period. Moreover, your Jailbroken device is more likely to be affected by malware, battery life issues, and other problems.

That’s all friends!


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