Members of a single family use their own iPhone or iPad, but they sync their devices into a single Mac or Windows computer. If they are apprehensive about their contents getting mixed, here is a solution; they can use two or more iPhones or iPads with one computer/Mac and keep their stuff jumble-free.

iOS users like to sync more than one iPhones or iPads with iTunes account on Mac/Computer for multiple purposes, and this is when trouble begins. If there is a single computer for different iOS users, they have to create a user account for each person on Mac.

This entire process of taking backup more than one iPhone to Computer or Mac is divided into two parts: 1) You need to create a user account for each person, and 2) You have to create a separate iTunes library on your Mac.

How to Sync Multiple iPhones or iPads with One Computer/Mac

Creating a separate user account actually helps each user to get a separate computer with a separate iTunes app. The process described below is perfect for a person who wants sync his/her device differently; it is also useful if any device has parental controls set up.

How to Create a New User Account on Mac

Note that the new user account can be created only by an account administrator. Use your administrator user name and password to begin.

Step #1: Click on Apple menu on your Mac.

Step #2: Choose System Preferences from a drop-down list.

Step #3: Now click on Users & Groups.

Step #4: Next, click on lock icon seen at the bottom left corner of Users & Groups window.

Step #5: Here, type in your administrator user name and password.

Step #6: Click on Unlock.

Step #7: Click on ‘+’ button under the Current User list.

Step #8: Choose the Account Type from a drop-down menu; if the user is an adult, go for ‘Standard’. And if the user is a kid, select ‘Managed with Parental Controls’.

Step #9: Now type in the full name of a user.

Step #10: Next, type the account name, which can be a nickname.

Step #11: Type the password.

Step #12: Enter the password again to verify.

Step #13: Give a hint that will help you remember the password in case you forget in future.

Step #14: Finally, click on Create User button.

Want to create another user account on Mac? Simply repeat the above process.

The new user can now set up their Apple ID and iCloud account when s/he logs into the account for the first time.

How to Switch Between User Accounts on Mac

Follow the steps given below and you can easily switch between users accounts on your Mac; before you connect your iPhone, switch to your user accounts.

Step #1: Launch Apple menu from the upper left corner of Mac.

Step #2: Click on Log Out (user name).

Step #3: A dialog box appears on screen: “Are you sure you want to quit all applications and log out now?”

Click on Log Out button.

Step #4: Now choose the user account connected with the iPhone you want to sync.

Step #5: Simply log in now.

Create a separate iTunes library on Mac

Creation of a separate user account comes into picture when an iOS device is restricted with parental controls. But if this is not the case in your family or household, you can create a separate iTunes library. In other words, you are not supposed to create a separate user account. The procedure mentioned below will allow each user to sync their specific contents like movies, music, iBooks, and apps. And this will not mix contents with each other’s iTunes library.

How to Create a Separate iTunes Library on Mac

Shut down iTunes even if it is running in the background.

Step #1: After quitting iTunes, open iTunes and hold down Option key simultaneously.

Step #2: Next, click on Create Library when the window shows up.

Step #3: A dialog box will prompt you to enter a name for the new library under Save As option (it is recommended you give a name of the person who is going to use this library).

Step #4: The save location has to be Music folder only.

Step #5: Now click on Save button.

Step #6: Next, click on iTunes in the app menu at the upper left corner of Mac screen.

Step #7: Choose Preferences from the drop-down list.

Step #8: Click the Advanced tab.

Step #9: Here, uncheck the box titled ‘Copy files to iTunes Media folder when adding to library’.

This will stop iTunes from adding duplicate contents of your current iTunes library to the new one.

Step #10: Connect the iPhone linked with this newly created iTunes library to your Mac to sync it. All your contents to the iPhone will sync to this new iTunes library. Alternatively, you can drag-and-drop movies, music, books, and other media files from Mac into this new iTunes library and it will sync with the linked iPhone. Don’t forget to sync again once you make any changes.

Step #11: Finally, pull out your iPhone and follow this procedure for all iPhones in your family that you wish to create a separate iTunes library for.

How to Switch between iTunes libraries on Mac

You can switch between iTunes libraries by following a few simple steps when you open iTunes. You need to ensure that you should switch iTunes library before connecting your iPhone or iPad.

Step #1: Quit iTunes.

Step #2: Open iTunes and hold down the Option key simultaneously.

Step #3: Click Choose Library when a dialog box shows up.

Step #4: Choose the iTunes library connected with the iPhone you wish to sync.

Step #5: Click on Open.

Step #6: Finally, sync the iPhone linked with this library.

That’s it!

This is how you can use and sync more than one iPhone with one iTunes account . Remember that many users have noticed an issue of iTunes doesn’t recognize iOS device. If you face this problem, you can fix iTunes doesn’t recognize iPhone, iPad, or iPod issue.

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