Many smartphone users are found to use the phone during night. They have developed strong weakness for apps like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, and Google Plus; therefore, they constantly want to be online, be present and make sure that they never miss a chat or message.

This habit forces them to use smartphones at odd hours, when they were supposed to be sleeping. And for their habit, they have to pay a heavy toll – eye strain or eye stress. Thankfully, there is a trick in your Google Pixel phone following which you can use night light feature to reduce the eye strain.

Unlike Apple iPhone or iPad, which gives a straight forward solution of using Night Shift mode to save your eyes and fix battery life issue, Google Pixel phones expect you to take some actions.

How to Enable and Use Night Light Feature on Google Pixel and Pixel XL Phones

Step #1: Swipe down the Notification from the top of your phone’s screen.

Step #2: A Pencil icon is seen at the top of the Pixel phone’s screen; tap on this icon.

Step #3: If you think that you will frequently need to use this Night Light feature in future, you should make it within your reach. Simply drag this Night Light option to the top of your phone’s screen.

Step #4: Next, swipe up the notification menu to close it.

Step #5: Swipe down Notification shade again.

Step #6: Tap and hold ‘Night Light’.

Step #7: Here, set up a schedule to fix on when Night Light feature should start working.

Like iPhone and iPad, you can use automate schedule to turn on Night Light facility at Sunrise and Sunset on your Google Pixel phones. This will help you a lot as the glare that emits from the touch screen of your phone will be controlled by this Night Light feature. In the long run, your eyes will remain healthier in the long run.

Use this Night Light feature on Google Pixel phones and keep your eyes healthy and glowing. This feature is also helpful to those who constantly read contents on their mobile phones.

Hope you like this new feature on your Google Pixel phones. While you are here, let me tell you that you can transfer your data from iPhone or other Android phone to Google Pixel or Pixel XL. I am sure that you must have done this job by now.

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