The all new Android Oreo, tasty as it sounds, has brought with itself many cool features. Google Nexus and Pixel users have already started exploring those treasures after updating from Android Nougat and are very much astonished. Here, we are going to discuss about how to use Notification Dots in Android Oreo.

You won’t notice any drastic change after the update but there are some subtle things you will definitely spot. The applications in your smartphone are now graced with a notification dot at its top – right side. This dot only appears when you receive notification from a certain app which you haven’t checked out yet.

It is quite obvious that you can launch that particular app having the notification and check it out. But this notification dot signifies that you can long – press the app to expose a set of options.

The app displays the most recent notifications. Above the notification box you can see another frame containing the options to start a New Tweet and/or Search in Twitter. These options have appeared after long – pressing the app.

To select any option from the notification dot, you cannot keep your finger pressed down on the screen and drag it toward the options. Long press the app for the menu to appear. Lift your finger and then select what you want to attend. If you intend to move the icon around the screen, tap and hold the icon and drag anywhere around the screen.

If you want to open the notification, then tap it, else dismiss it by swiping. Dismissing also eradicates the notification from the top panel and the app itself.

Applications without any notification dot can also be long – pressed to expose the option to see the app info. Many a times, it also shows the option to add a widget on the home screen.

How to Customise or Turn off and ON Notification Dots in Android Oreo 8

You can enable Notification Dots in Android Oreo for all apps or disable it completely. Or else, you can set it for certain apps of your preference.

How to Turn Notification Dots ON or OFF

Step #1. Navigate to the Settings of your phone

Step #2. Tap on Apps and notifications.

Step #3. Next, tap on Notifications.

Step #4. Toggle the switch off or on beside “Allow notification dots” to disable or enable this feature.

How to Disable Notification Dots for Some Specific Apps

Step #1. Launch Settings.

Step #2. Next, tap on Apps and notifications.

Step #3. Tap on App info.

Step #4. Select the app for which you want to disable this feature.

Step #5. Go to “App notification” and toggle the “Allow notification dot” off. Notification dot is now disabled for this particular app.

The new update gives you complete allowance to customize Notification Dots in Android Oreo. This feature might be looked over by those who are habituated with accessing notification from the top panel but the dot makes it quite easy to deal with that case.

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