How to Pair and Use Snapchat Spectacles with iPhone and Android

When Snapchat (now called as Snap Inc.) launched Spectacles in September 2016, people were apprehensive about its success. But now the Spectacles from Snapchat have got good position on the nose of Snapchat users. It is the first hardware product from Snapchat.

Spectacles are connected sunglasses that can record video clips that users can save on their Snapchat Memories. Camera of these sunglasses has a 115-degree lens. The Spectacles are available in three vibrant colors: black, teal, and coral.

Before you start using, you need to connect Spectacles with your iPhone and Android.

How to Pair Snapchat Spectacles with iPhone and Android

Step #1: Turn Bluetooth on your smartphone

Step #2: Launch Snapchat app on iPhone or Android and tap the snapchat icon seen at the top of Camera screen.

Step #3: Turn on your Spectacles and press the button on Spectacles when you look at Snapcode. You can see a pairing animation.

Step #4: Give your spectacles a cool name.

Step #5: Wait until your Spectacles are seen in the Accessories List; now tap on the Spectacles’ name. This action will add your Spectacles to your phone’s Bluetooth list.

Step #6: After a second or two, you will see ‘Pairing Successful’ confirmation.

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How to Snap Videos with Spectacles

Snapping videos on Specs is easy. Simply tap on the button on top left corner of Snapchat Spectacles to start recording a snap. You can only record a snap for 10 seconds, after which, the Specs will automatically stop recording. However, you can add extra recording time by tapping again; this will give you an increment of 10 seconds.

When you tap to start recording snap, a light inside will flash; similarly, an outer light sends an alert to anyone in your field of vision. You can record a snap up to 30 seconds in one go.

How to Edit & Share Videos Recorded by Spectacles on iPhone and Android

All your recorded videos on Snapchat are saved in the app. If you think that you have saved three separate videos of 10 seconds each, think again. For Snapchat Story, where you have uploaded the videos, it is a single continuous clip.

Step #1: Videos recorded with Spectacles are synced through Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. For Android users, they can sync their Snaps over Wi-Fi. To open the clips, tap the new Specs button from Memories.

Step #2: Now start editing the videos by adding filters.

Step #3: Share this video with your friends or upload it on social media channels.

Your video is seen in circular video format; even when the videos are saved or shared on social media, they are shown in circular video format.

How to Charge Snapchat Spectacles Batteries

Normally, Spectacles’ batteries can last a day. You can check the battery status from its outward-facing light. To check battery status, just double tap on it; the product comes with a charging case, which allows you to charge up the sunglasses. Power up the case and it will recharge your spectacles for up to four times.

That is all about using Snapchat Spectacles. To sum up, Snapchat needs to pay attention to Bluetooth syncing, which is quite slow. This obviously consumes more battery. Another area that needs improvement is quality of video.

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