How to Use TV App in iOS 10.2 on iPhone or iPad [Ultimate Guide]

Apple has created an amazing ecosystem, wherein one thing becomes easily compatible with another. Though iOS devices have different screen size, they are interconnected with each other to give Apple users an experience that is unique. Earlier it was difficult for Apple TV users to auto-download apps they are using on iPhone and iPad; but now it is possible for them to automatic app download on Apple TV. This is the magic of Apple’s technology.

Now this is something interesting and quite opposite to what you have seen in the article linked above. Apple TV users can use TV app on iPhone and iPad.

TV app is developed to serve your TV and movie watching needs. It compiles all your entertainment activities in one place; this saves your time that you might have wasted after launching 10 different apps when you are searching for something to watch.

Apple TV users can make their TV and movie watching experience more comfortable; however, those who do not possess Apple TV can make the most of wonderful features of TV app on their iPhone and iPad.

How to Use Library in TV App for iPhone and iPad

Movies and TV shows you purchase on iTunes are normally stored on a separate section in TV app on iPhone and iPad. There are four categories you can browse content: Movies or TV shows, recently purchased, and genres. If you want to view any of the above contents, select it and tap the Play button.

By tapping a download button, you can watch the same content offline. Next, you need to go to the Downloaded section in Library of TV app. Tap on downloaded movie or TV show and it you will be landed on Videos app automatically.

How to Use Watch Now in TV App for iPhone and iPad

All your shows that you watch currently are stored in Watch Now section of TV app. For example, if you are watching a show or movie from services like iTunes or Hulu, the same show or movie appears in the Watch Now tab, which is at the top of the page. While watching any TV show, if you have completed an episode, next episode appears in your list. Here, you need to tap on the title you want to view and the same will open into the compatible app.

If you wish to view any show, movie or content in a different format, tap on ‘More’ near the play button. This feature looks like an ellipsis; by this action, you can access apps that are not compatible with TV app.

How to Use Store in TV app for iPhone and iPad

If you want to watch your favourite TV show or movie but you are unable to do so because there is no app from the streaming service that supports it, you can download it from the App Store. Your TV app has got a Store section that highlights all apps presently compatible with it.

You can view content from a segment of services without a cable subscription; there is also a segment for services that allow direct access to cable shows. When you locate an app you wish to add to your iPhone/iPad, simply tap on Get to download and install the app.

The Store is very useful for those who avoid cable subscription. You can search apps that will let you watch TV shows and movies without paying for cable subscription.

When you open an app that is compatible with TV app, you will be prompted to connect it to the TV app. At this, you need to tap on Continue to add it to TV app. When you include a new app, extra content is also included to the TV app; this gives you more suggestions on what to watch. Note that Store tab works as a bridge that connects you and trending titles you would like to purchase from iTunes.

How to Use Search in TV App for iPhone & iPad

TV app gives you an easy interface to search your favourite content. Simply tap the Search tab and next, tap the text field. Type in the movie or TV show you want to view; this will give you a few suggestions. This Search tab also helps you explore trending movies and TV shows if you want to go directly to the popular content.

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