After sweeping the Indian mobile market with Jio network, Reliance Jio is all set to entertain its consumers with JioTV. Yes, you got that right. Though the biggest mobile network has JioTV app on 4G smartphones, the company plans to introduce JioTV and JioCinema on web. This means users can watch reliance JioCinema and JioTV on their windows PC. It would be a great fun for all users to watch TV shows, News, movies and other contents on the bigger screen. And note that you don’t need Jio’s mobile network to enjoy your favourite TV shows. So here is how to watch JioTV on computer, Laptop, Mac, Smart TV.

JioTV brings all leading TV networks of India under one umbrella and this is one of the biggest achievements of Reliance Jio. The brand boasts the largest mobile network with an impressive range of apps; at the same time, Jio believes that one should never settle for less. This initiative of JioTV is to draw more consumers who can watch live TV on web.

How to Watch JioTV on Mac, Smart TV, PC or Laptop

How to Watch JioTV on PC, Laptop, Mac and Smart TV

Playing JioTV live on computer is pretty damn easy. The free service can be accessed on JioTV website. Simply log into JioTV with your Jio ID and password and you are on. Use your email address or your Jio phone number to log in and enjoy your choice of contents on the web. If you forgot your Jio credentials, simply go to MyJio app on your smart phone.

After logging into your JioTV, you can explore the interface which is quite similar to that of mobile app. You can browse a number of live TV channels, which are categorized for ease of browsing. There is entertainment, news, sports, movies and lot more. You can also choose picture quality (SD or HD) and regional language preferences.

Jio play TV is a better way to watch your favourite TV contents if you cannot watch your shows at home (as the remote control is held by your kids or wife☺). The service offers an impressive collection of TV channels to entertain you any time.

Unlike JioCinema, which offers limited contents (and no live TV), JioTV brings the best experience for entertainment seekers. At the same time, JioTV also throws tough competition to existing online streaming players like Hotstar, Voot and others.

Want to watch JioTV on Amazon Fire TV Stick, Google Chromecast, or Apple TV? Sorry, you will have to wait until the company launches dedicated app support for these streaming services. Notably, JioTV iOS app has been revamped for iPhone and iPad users in June this year.

Note: As of now JioTV website is under construction, but you can still watch your favourite contents on bigger screen by using media streaming devices.

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