How to Live-stream on YouTube Without Buffering

Digital domain is flourishing with innovations galore. Reason is simple: things are turning obsolete quickly as competitors fiercely launch advanced features one after another. Of late, we have witnessed Facebook’s innovation spree like adding shop section to Facebook page, configuring Facebook Instant Articles for WordPress blog and adding Adsense in Facebook Instant Articles.

After reading the linked information, one can easily sense that Facebook has thrown a challenge to Google, which boasts number of products and services in its kitty. YouTube is one such Google service that has come a long way and still continues to surprise users with many advanced features. Live-streaming on YouTube has begun to gain popularity for the last couple of months. This requires dedicated information for readers, who want to live-stream their videos on YouTube.

Before you live-stream on YouTube…

Download encoder software and set it up on your computer. The software will record your voice with the help of microphone. This will further send your voice to YouTube to get streamed. You can try Wirecast Play, which is used by many Windows and Mac users.

How to Watch YouTube Live Video Without Buffering

Step #1: Open on browser.

Step #2: Log in with ID and password.

Step #3: Click on Hamburger button seen at the top left corner of your computer’s screen.

Step #4: From the drop-down menu, click on My Channel option.

Step #5: Above your profile photo, locate three options: subscribers, number of views and Video Manager. Click on the last option, i.e. Video Manager.

Step #6: On the left navigation panel, click on LIVE STREAMING option, which is right below VIDEO MANAGER.

Step #7: Now click on Stream Now BETA.

Step #8: Set up encoder with the help of Server URL and name/key.

Step #9: Enter Title and Description of the event or webinar you are going to live-stream on YouTube.

Step #10: Enter start time and end time.

Step #11: Finally, click on GO LIVE NOW!

Time to rock ‘n’ roll!

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Points to Ponder

You can add people to chat. This will help you improve your live-streaming as you would get insights and comments from others who are watching your videos.

You can schedule your live-stream videos if not willing to GO LIVE NOW.

Steam Now BETA will live-stream your videos publicly; for private live-streaming you can choose Events option from under the LIVE STREAMING option. The encoder will help you stop and restart streaming. Note that YouTube doesn’t offer you any facility to start or stop the Live-stream directly.

You can also Live-stream to YouTube with Telestream’s iPhone app. Download the wirecast go app from iTunes Store and start live-streaming.

Now go ahead and start live-streaming your videos on YouTube. You can share your feedback with us on Facebook, Google Plus, and Twitter.


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