How to Watch Super Bowl 2018 on iPhone and Android

Real sports are played on ground. On your digital screen, you can just watch the game being played. This annual championship of 2018 Super Bowl comes with a lot of excitement. What is more exciting is that you can watch 2018 Super Bowl 52 championship on your iPhone and Android devices. If you are travelling or not able to watch the game on TV, here are some feasible solutions to watch Super Bowl 2018 on iPhone and Android smartphones.

But the million-dollar question is how you can watch this Super Bowl tournament on your iOS or Android devices. There are some apps that allow you to watch Super Bowl 52 games free of cost on your iPhone, iPad and other Android phones and tablets.

How to Watch Super Bowl 2018 on iPhone and Android

How to Watch 2018 Super Bowl 52 on iPhone and Android

Fox Sports Go

Fox Sports Go gives you a 360-degree view of this super exciting Super Bowl game. The app will show you commercials also, which is one of the reasons people like to watch this championship.

You can also watch live game on the browser of your device. Simply click on and watch the game without any subscription or log in on your Mac or Windows computer.

Download Fox Sports Go on iOS

Download Fox Sports Go on Android

NFL for Verizon Customers

NFL offers live content including Super Bowl 2018. If you are a Verizon customer, you will get exclusive access to this championship. Simply download NFL mobile app on your device.

Download NFL on iOS

Download NFL on Android

How to Watch Super Bowl on iPhone and Android Outside US

Super Bowl fever has clutched non-US people in its grip, and therefore, there are countless viewers from countries like Canada want to watch Super Bowl on their iPhones and Android devices.

However, non-US viewers have to pay some price to watch the game, unless they resort to any illegal way.

CTV GO in Canada

For Super Bowl fans in Canada, CTV GO is the best option. If your cable subscription includes CTV, you can stream Super Bowl championship on your iPhone or iPad through CTV GO app. The app is free; you only have to pay your TV subscription.

Download CTV GO on iOS

Download CTV GO on Android

Watch Super Bowl on Apple TV Free

If you have not subscribed for satellite channels or don’t have over-the-air antenna, you can watch Super Bowl championship on your Apple TV at free of cost. Simply download Fox Sports Go app on your Apple TV and enjoy the game.

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Twitter has become a favourite destination for all sports lovers to stay connected with live sporting events. Simply follow popular hash tags and famous people to check scores; you can also rely Twitter’s Moments feature, which gives you excellent content, which includes video highlights, latest scores, statistics, breaking news, and commentary. Listen to the experts and professionals giving you important insights on the game.

Download Twitter on iOS

Download Twitter on Android


ESPN provides you awesome design and feature set that can elevate your sports watching experience. Though the contents served by ESPN can be found on any other app or website, you will be impressed by the boxes including stats, scores, news, highlights and exhaustive coverage.

Download ESPN on iOS

Download ESPN on Android


Open YouTube’s AdBlitz page and you can watch highly creative commercials that are being discussed everywhere. Normally, this page is accessed by those who are not actually interested in the game but in TV ads.

So how are you going to watch Super Bowl 2018 on iPhone and Android? Use any of the one media listed above and watch Super Bowl on iPhone and Android devices. Don’t forget to share your feedback with us on FacebookTwitter and Google Plus.

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