How to Watch YouTube Videos on Nintendo Switch

People love to break rules. Whether they are driving vehicles on roads or playing games on consoles like Nintendo Switch. Though the comparison between the two is strange, it is a fact now that Nintendo Switch users can watch YouTube videos on the console. The Switch is originally designed to play Nintendo Switch games, but as mentioned above, everybody wants to do something outlandish on their digital devices.

If you want to watch YouTube videos on Nintendo Switch, you are not supposed to get any Nintendo Switch accessories. All you need is a Windows computer, a Fiddler proxy and get to know how to set up Fiddler. Note that Fiddler is a web debugging proxy server for any PC.

Setting up Fiddler is extremely complex process and therefore, we have avoided it here to save time and energy. Yeah, it is more complicated than setting up Nintendo Switch, which takes some 25 odd steps.

How to Watch YouTube Videos on Nintendo Switch

How to Watch YouTube on Nintendo Switch

Step #1: Once you have set up Fiddler proxy on your computer, you need to continue to keep that computer running because you are using your computer as a proxy.

Step #2: Now launch System Settings on your Switch and select Internet option.

Step #3: Next, go to the Internet settings and connect to Internet.

You have to ensure that your computer and proxy server are running on the same Internet network. Also note that your computer and Nintendo Switch have to be on the same network.

Step #4: Now you can open YouTube website on your Nintendo Switch.

It is difficult to type in video names in the YouTube search bar on Nintendo Switch; you have to manage to type carefully with lot of patience. Moreover, YouTube pages do not open up correctly, and the volume controls on YouTube are not working.

This workaround proves that your Nintendo Switch is vulnerable to such technological exploits by hackers around the world. You can use this information for fun and not for serious browsing, until, of course, Nintendo launches an updated version with a dedicated Internet browsing feature.

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Till then you can always connect and play Nintendo Switch on TV without dock. If you have downloaded numerous games on your Switch, you should transfer Nintendo Switch games to microSD card to create some space on the console.

Video: How to Use YouTube on Nintendo Switch

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