How to Identify Songs on Your iPhone, Android, and Windows Phones

If you are a true-blue music lover, you must have listened to thousands of songs from different genres and artists. But when you are listening to songs randomly on your phone, you may wonder which song is playing right now. The songs maybe new to you and therefore, you feel surprised and curious to identify songs on your iPhone, Android, and Windows phone.

We present you a list of mobile and web apps to identify songs. You can browse these apps to identify songs on your smartphone.

Use Virtual Assistants to Identify Songs


Siri is Apple’s wonderful virtual assistant that can work well with third-party apps. With every iOS release, Siri becomes more powerful than its earlier avatar. Apart from sending commands related to default services, you can also ask Siri to recognize music or identify songs; simply ask Siri ‘What song is playing now?’ or ‘Name the song’ or ‘Which song is this?’ Siri will listen to the song on your device and then give you results.

Google Now

Android users can use Google Now, which is a built-in virtual assistant to recognize songs. Simply open Google Now on your Android device and ask, ‘Which song is this?’, ‘What song is this?’ or ‘Give me name of this song’. Google Now will give you results in a couple of seconds.

Note that Google Now doesn’t offer this service in India.


Cortana has got this music identifying feature but it works only on Windows phones; you can download this app on your Android and iOS phones, but you won’t be able to use this feature on your phones if they are running Android and iOS.

To identify music or songs on Cortana, you can ask similar questions as you did with Google Now and Siri; Cortana will present results quickly. Cortana is also available on Windows computer, and hence, you don’t need to download app on your Windows smartphone.

Music Recognition Apps to Find Songs


Shazam is one of the best apps to identify songs if you don’t want to use Siri, Google Now or Cortana. Shazam’s significance rests on the fact that Siri uses Shazam’s database to identify songs. Apart from identifying songs, Shazam also gives you lyrics of the songs. Another glaring feature of this app is that it can remember the songs it has recognized in the past; you can also use it when you are offline.

Download Shazam on Android | iOS | Windows


Imagine a situation: you don’t know the lyrics of a song but remember the tunes. So how you can find the song? Simply hum the tunes and SoundHound will recognize your song.

Download SoundHound on Android | iOS | Windows


Apart from identifying songs, Musixmatch can also play music on your device; thus, it also works as a music player on your smart phone. To identify a song, simply tap on hamburger button and then tap on ‘identify lyrics’. This app is powered by ACRCloud to recognize songs.

Download Musixmatch on Android | iOS | Windows


It is not just another song recognition app for your smartphone. You cannot use this app until you enable ‘listen at start’ option on MusicID. Once this option is enabled, simply open the app and it will start identifying songs that are playing around you. After recognizing the song, the app will save the search so you can use the information later. Note that the songs identified by MusicID will be saved in Profile section of the app. When you tap on the saved songs, the app will present you similar songs as has been recognized; in addition to this, you will also get a link to buy the song from Amazon.

Download MusicID on Android | iOS


TrackID is developed by one of the leading consumer electronic brands, and therefore, you can trust its features and abilities. Developed by Sony and powered by Gracenote, TrackID identifies music and songs very well. Once TrackID recognizes songs, it also saves them in History section seen on the home page. TrackID boasts two dedicated sections viz. Discover and Live. The first section recognizes new and trending songs; the Live tab displays songs that are being identified by users across the world. You can play the Live songs in YouTube and share it from there.

Download TrackID on Android


On the home page of Genius, you will find a list of most identified songs on Genius. Tap on any of the songs and you can see lyrics of the songs and play them. Unlike other apps, Genius allows you to download the songs and share them with your friends and colleagues. Genius has a floating button at the bottom right corner; this button identifies songs.

Download Genius on Android | iOS


Midomi is not an app for your Android, iOS or Windows phone. It is a website that helps you identify songs; simply hum your song or whistle the tune into your laptop mic. This website works the way SoundHound serves you songs or music. The website is helpful when lyrics of the songs are not on the tip of your tongue. Just open the Midomi on your laptop and hum the tunes, and the website will give you results quickly.

Visit Midomi

Now use any of the above methods to identify songs on your smartphone. Is there any website or app, which is in your knowledge and not listed in the list? Kindly share your thoughts, opinions, or feedback with us on Facebook, Google Plus and Twitter.

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