How to Setup Amazon Alexa Voice Training Session

One of the biggest challenges every voice assistant faces is that of voice recognition. Amazon, recently, is improving its product line and the apps related to the products. Amazon Echo, Echo Plus, Echo Spot, Tap, Echo Dot, and then Echo Show – all these portable Bluetooth speakers are enabled by Alexa. And therefore, Alexa has to act smart. Since it works on your voice commands, Alexa not only listens to your commands but also understands. Hence, users need to improve Amazon Echo voice recognition by giving Alexa voice training.

There can be a number of reasons why Alexa fails to carry out your commands. She may be unable to get your accents properly or maybe she confuses your voice with other noise in the room. For any reason, Alexa doesn’t pay attention to your commands. Thankfully, there is a tool inside the app to setup Alexa Voice Training session to improve Amazon Echo voice recognition.

While you are following the method, make sure that the room is quiet (in a nutshell, you should be all alone at home with your Echo).

How to Improve Alexa Voice Recognition

Before You Sit for Alexa Voice Training

While you are dealing with Alexa, make sure that you could hear a pin drop. Shut down your computer/laptop, turn off all unnecessary notifications on your phone, turn off TV or music player if being played in the background. Most importantly, ask your kids to seal their lips for a few minutes. It is difficult to keep your room airtight, but you can close all doors and windows to ensure that chirping of birds doesn’t disturb you and Alexa.

Keep your voice and tone natural (as if you were speaking to your family member or friends). If you make any attempt to deliver the perfect speech, Alexa will remember this and when you actually send commands in your natural voice, she will not listen to you as she expects you to be nearly perfect. Hence, be natural and speak to Alexa casually.

How to Setup Amazon Alexa Voice Training Session to Improve Amazon Echo Voice Recognition

If you have more than one Alexa device at home, you can set up a voice training session differently for each device. Now, keep your Amazon Echo near you, take your phone and launch Alexa app.

Step #1: Tap on Menu button from the top left corner.

Step #2: Next, tap on Settings from the drop-down list of options.

Step #3: Scroll down and stop at Voice Training option.

Step #4: Choose Start Session.

Step #5: Speak the phrase in the Alexa, and then Choose Next Option.

Help: To repeat a phrase, Tap on Pause, and then Repeat Phrase.

Step #6: Once you complete your Voice training session, choose Complete.

Help: If you want to end your Voice training session at any time, Choose Pause, and then End Voice training session.

Here, Alexa will take you through 25 different commands and you have to speak out each one loud to the device you want to train. Your sitting will complete after you have finished all 25 commands. By now, Alexa understands your voice, tone, and vocal modulations.

If you don’t have any Amazon device, you can use Amazon Alexa on iPhone or iPad. Moreover, knowledge of Alexa commands for Amazon Echo would always come handy.

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