During the launch event of Samsung, all eyes were on Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus as the two were obvious heroes of the event. But Bixby has surely gained momentum after the event was wrapped up. People began to search about Bixby and how to Install Bixby on any Samsung device running Nougat.

Since this AI enabled voice assistant was launched along with Galaxy S8/S8 Plus, it is clear that the two phones will get Bixby on them. When Google launched its Pixel and Pixel Xl, both phones were supported by Google Assistant, but then users could always get Google Assistant on any Android smartphones.

Here, people were curious to know if they can get Bixby on other Samsung devices running Nougat.

With the help of Bixby, users can quickly get information and interact with Bixby enabled applications using their voice, screen context search and more. You might have thought that the feature won’t be available on other Samsung devices; yeah, you are right. But don’t lose hope. There is a workaround to get Bixby on any Samsung device running Nougat.

How to Install Bixby on Any Samsung Device Running Android Nougat

Install S8 Launcher

Before using Bixby on your Samsung device, you need to install and switch to S8 Launcher, which is a free app. To switch to the S8 Launcher, you should follow steps given below.

Step #1: Open Settings and then tap on Applications.

Step #2: Tap on three dots and next tap ‘Default Applications’.

Step #3: Tap on Home Screen and choose ‘TouchWiz home’ from the list.

Step #4: Next, you tap on Home button to switch to the new S8 launcher. With this new launcher on your Samsung phone, you can move on to getting Bixby.

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How to Install Bixby on Any Samsung Device

You can easily install Bixby on any Samsung device running Nougat, but note that you can’t use all its features on your device. This Bixby assistant will only work as long as the cards screen is concerned. Features like image, voice, and screen context recognition are not available yet. Now you can follow the steps to install Bixby on your Samsung device running Nougat.

Step #1: Download the Bixby APK; it’s free.

Step #2: After the APK has been downloaded, install it on your Samsung device. You have to enable ‘Unknown Sources’ in security settings on your device.

Step #3: Once the APK is installed, head back to Home screen of your device and tap and hold to open S8 Launcher settings.

Step #4: Tap ‘Home screen Settings’ and next ‘Hello Bixby’ settings.

Step #5: Next, tap ‘Hello Bixby cards’ and enable the apps inside.

Step #6: Now reboot your Samsung device. When your phone restarts, long press the home screen and you can see a toggle for ‘Hello Bixby’.

Step #7: Turn the toggle on and you can next swipe left to right on home screen to use Bixby cards.

Hurray! Bixby is running on your Android phone. Agreed, it is not your full-fledged Bixby with all its features at your disposal. However, you can always use Bixby cards like overvalued Google Now is positioned precisely where Google Now did. Just wait and watch if Samsung can offer better Bixby cards than Google Now cards.

Smartphone makers are in tough competition to introduce new features in voice assistants. Let’s see how Bixby can challenge Google Now and Siri, which is from Apple.

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