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Jailbreak community is working overtime now as iOS 10.2 Jailbreak is released recently. And now iOS developers have got busy with the development of Cydia tweaks compatible with iOS 10.2 Jailbreak. It is not a good idea to check compatibility of every Cydia tweak for any busy Jailbreak lover, and therefore, we have listed some of the best iOS 10 – iOS 10.2 compatible Cydia tweaks for you.

iOS 10.2 Jailbreak tweaks listed here are tried and tested on several iOS devices, though they may cause some petty technical glitches while interacting with each other. Note that the iOS 10.2 Jailbreak will take some time to behave properly.

Best Cydia Tweaks Compatible With iOS 10.2 Jailbreak

1. Activator

If you are not happy with the default iOS 10.2 and love to customize your devices, Activator is your best choice for your Jailbroken iPhone or iPad. For example, to enable Night Shift you don’t need to bring up Control Center; simply long press the Home button and your job is done.

2. BioProtect

Prevent your Jailbroken iOS device from any unofficial infiltration with BioProtect. Once you install this tweak, you will be able to use Touch ID or passcode to secure your apps, folders, settings etc.

3. CCTButtonActions

Use all 3D touch shortcuts from the Control Center of your iPhone and iPad. You can now enable 3D Touch gestures on the Control Center and gain access to the related settings page. For example, you can open Wi-Fi settings by enabling 3D Touch on Wi-Fi toggle in Control Center.

4. Cream 2

Does Control Center toggles look bland on your iOS device? Make it colourful by using Cream 2 and spice up your experience of using options like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth etc.

Cydia repo: http://repo.cpdigitaldarkroom.com

5. Cylinder

Change your Home screen the way you swipe. With this amazing tweak, you can navigate home screen apps with a lot of animation as this tweak offers many animation effects.

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6. Eclipse 4

For your dark fantasies, Eclipse 4 is the best Jailbreak tweak on your iOS device. Basically, this tweak turns the app interface to dark and makes it easy for you to read fonts. Moreover, it certainly reduces eye strain while you are browsing your device at night.

7. FlipControlCenter

Apple’s default iOS version never allows you to rearrange toggles on Control Center. With FlipControlCenter, you can reshuffle some toggles that you are using frequently on your iPhone or iPad. If you want to add or remove some toggles, you can do it easily.

Source: http://rpetri.ch/repo (Free)

8. iCleaner

Now cleaning cache from some apps has become easier than ever. iCleaner helps you free up space in iOS 10 and fix iPhone storage full issue.

Source: https://ib-soft.net (Free, Pro version available)

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9. PowerDown

PowerDown brings all the options related to shutdown, force restart, safe mode etc. The default shut down option offers only a slider to power off; with PowerDown tweak on your Jailbroken device, you can perform multiple actions like power off, reboot, respring, and safe mode.

Source: BigBoss (Default)

10. Peek-a-boo

3D Touch feature is available only on iPhone 6s/6s Plus and later versions; if you are using iPhone 6 or 6 Plus, you cannot avail this facility. But Peek-a-boo tweak allows you to use all 3D Touch functionality on older iOS devices including iPhone 5s. You can use this tweak on Notifications, Home screen apps and inside almost all apps that support 3D Touch.

Source: BigBoss (Default) (Free)

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Apart from the above 10 cydia tweaks, you can explore the list of iOS 10 – iOS 10.2 compatible tweaks given below.

Tweak Version Repo
Cydia Substrate 0.9.6301 Saurik’s Repo (Default)
Substrate Safe Mode 0.9.6000 Saurik’s Repo (Default)
Cydia Installer (Cydia.app) 1.1.28~b9 Saurik’s Repo (Default)
3D Touch to Clear Notifications 1.1 BigBoss (Default)
Action Menu 1.4.1 BigBoss (Default)
Activate Command 1.4.2-1 BigBoss (Default)
Activate Link 1.4.1-1 BigBoss (Default)
Activator 1.9.11~beta3 rpetrich
AdaptativeKeyboard 1.1.1-0
AdvancedSettings8 1.1.0 BigBoss (Default)
AlertClose 1.6.5 BigBoss (Default)
Alkaline 1.3 Modmyi (Default)
AlwaysFirstSwipe 1.5 BigBoss (Default)
App Admin 1.0r-62 unlimapps
App Language Switcher 1.1-6 BigBoss (Default)
AppInfo 1.6.2 BigBoss (Default)
Apps Manager 1.1.0-16 TIGI Software
Appster BigBoss (Default)
AquaBoard (iOS 9/8) 2.2-27 BigBoss (Default)
Assistant+ 1.2.0-1 BigBoss (Default)
AutoBrightness 1.3.0-2 BigBoss (Default)
BarMagnet 1.8-1 BigBoss (Default)
Barrel BigBoss (Default)
Bars 0.7.0 BigBoss (Default)
BatteryLife 1.6.14 Modmyi (Default)
BatteryPeek 0.3.1 BigBoss (Default)
BDaySpotify 2 0.0.2-1 ATWiik’s Repo
betterFiveColumnHomescreen 1.0.1 BigBoss (Default)
betterFiveIconDock 1.0.4 BigBoss (Default)
BioProtect 2.0.1 BigBoss (Default)
Bloard 0.1.2-1 BigBoss (Default)
BlurryBadges 1.0-7 BigBoss (Default)
BlurryLaunch 2.0 BigBoss (Default)
BounceNotify8 2.0.1-1 BigBoss (Default)
BTstack 1.1-1 BigBoss (Default)
CacheClearer 0.1 rpetrich
Callbar 1.3-480 BigBoss (Default)
CallConnect 1.3-1 BigBoss (Default)
Cask 0.2 rpetrich
CCLowPower 1.0-1 BigBoss (Default)
CellularUsageOrder 1.2-2 BigBoss (Default)
Change 4G to LTE 1.0-1 BigBoss (Default)
ChargePulse Skyler99
Circa 0.0.1-1 GMoran
CircleIcons 1.1.3-15 BigBoss (Default)
ClassicDock 2.0 BigBoss (Default)
CleanSheets 2 2.0.0-1 BigBoss (Default)
ColorBadges 1.1.2-1 BigBoss (Default)
Cream 2 1.0 BigBoss (Default)
Creamless 1.0 CP Digital Darkroom
Cuttlefish 1.0.2 CP Digital Darkroom
CycleBluetooth 0.0.1-2 BigBoss (Default)
Cylinder 1.0.6 BigBoss (Default)
Date in Statusbar 0.9.1-2 rpdev
DeleteForever 0.0.1-57 BigBoss (Default)
DetailedBatteryUsage 1.1.1 BigBoss (Default)
Dim 1.5.2 BigBoss (Default)
DisableVoiceControl 8 0.0.1-2 BigBoss (Default)
Disclose 0.1 BigBoss (Default)
Disk Pie 1.2 BigBoss (Default)
Docker 2.2-1 BigBoss (Default)
DoubleCut 0.4.1-1 BigBoss (Default)
DylibSearch 0.0.6 Wolfposd
Evanesco 1.2 BigBoss (Default)
exKey 1.8.9-3 BigBoss (Default)
f.lux 0.9986 Saurik’s Repo (Default)
FastLoading 1.0-3 BigBoss (Default)
Filza File Manager 3.3.0-37 BigBoss (Default)
Flex 3 3~beta29 Delta
FlipControlCenter 1.0.4~beta1 rpetrich
ForceInPicture 0.0.1-1 BigBoss (Default)
FrontCamUnMirror 2.1 BigBoss (Default)
Ghosty 1.0.2 BigBoss (Default)
GIFViewer 1.0.3-2 BigBoss (Default)
GlowBadge 1.3-6 BigBoss (Default)
GlowDock 1.1-1 BigBoss (Default)
HapticFeedBack 1.1-1 BigBoss (Default)
HideLabels10 1.0 Danny Glover’s Repo
HideSettingsSearch 1.0 BigBoss (Default)
iCleaner Pro 7.6.0 Ivano Bilenchi’s Beta Repo
Icon Renamer 1.2.5 BigBoss (Default)
IconSupport BigBoss (Default)
iFile 2.2.0-1 BigBoss (Default)
iKeywi 3 3.2 BigBoss (Default)
ImageBoard 1.1 BigBoss (Default)
iOS Terminal 1.0.2-2 BigBoss (Default)
iTransmission 4
Keyboard Accio 2.3.3 BigBoss (Default)
KeyShortCut Pro 1.8.1 BigBoss (Default)
LastApp 1.4.0-1 BigBoss (Default)
libstatusbar BigBoss (Default)
Lithium Ion 1.1 BigBoss (Default)
LocationFaker9 1.2-9 BigBoss (Default)
Memento 0.2.1 Adit’s Repo
Mikoto 3.0.8 Karen’s Pineapple
Minimal Hosts Blocker 7.3 ReddestDream
Minimal HUD 1.3-3 BigBoss (Default)
MinimalisticUI 1.2 BigBoss (Default)
Molar 1.4 BigBoss (Default)
Moveable9 Tateu
MTerminal 1.4-5 BigBoss (Default)
MultiAction 1.0.0 BigBoss (Default)
MultiIconMover + 2.10.0 BigBoss (Default)
NetworkList 0.4.1 BigBoss (Default)
NoBlur 1.6 BigBoss (Default)
NoCarrier 0.9-2 Red Panda Dev Repo
NoKeyPop 1.1-6 BigBoss (Default)
NoLiveClock BigBoss (Default)
NoMotion 1.2 BigBoss (Default)
NoPageDots7 1.0 BigBoss (Default)
NoSlowAnimations 5.2.1 BigBoss (Default)
Notate 1.1-1 BigBoss (Default)
NoTodayView (iOS 10) BigBoss (Default)
NoTrackpadDelay 1.0-2 BigBoss (Default)
NoVoiceMail 1.0-32 BigBoss (Default)
NoVolumeHUD BigBoss (Default)
NtSpeed 0.1 Modmyi (Default)
PalBreak 1.1 BigBoss (Default)
PhotoSize 1.0 BigBoss (Default)
Platinum 1.1.1-1 Modmyi (Default)
PM, really? 1.1-1 BigBoss (Default)
Power Tap 1.1.3-3 BigBoss (Default)
PowerDown 1.0.5 BigBoss (Default)
PreferenceLoader 2.2.4~alpha1 rpetrich
PreferenceOrganizer 2 3.5.1 Karen’s Pineapple
PressUnlock 1.0.2-1 CP Digital Darkroom
QuickDo 3.9.4 Beta 7 Clezz
QuickShuffleRepeat 0.0.1 CP Digital Darkroom (Beta)
QuickSwipe 1.0-1 BigBoss (Default)
redeb 1.0.3 Wiety’s Repo
RePower 2.0-4 BigBoss (Default)
ResetAllKiller 1.0.2 BigBoss (Default)
RocketBootstrap 1.05- Beta 1 BigBoss (Default)
RoundDock 1.1.1-1 BigBoss (Default)
RouterFaker 1.0-9 BigBoss (Default)
Safari Full URL 1.4 Modmyi (Default)
SafariFullScreenScrolling 1.0 BigBoss (Default)
Sentinel 1.0-16 BigBoss (Default)
Shy Page Dots 0.1.1 BigBoss (Default)
SimulateTouch 0.7-17 BigBoss (Default)
Skrollerz 1.3.0 BigBoss (Default)
Sleek’n’Bouncy 0.0.1-2 BigBoss (Default)
SmoothCursor 1.0-6 BigBoss (Default)
SmoothPop 1.1 BigBoss (Default)
Snapper 2 1.2.5 BigBoss (Default)
Snoverlay 0.1 rpetrich
Splitify 1.3.4 BigBoss (Default)
Springy BigBoss (Default)
SprintBoard 1.1 BigBoss (Default)
StatusModifier 3.3.2 Modmyi (Default)
StatusVol 2 Fidele007
StatusvolX 0.4 Fidele007
StillHere 0.0.2-1 ATWiik’s Repo
Substrate Fix 1.0 Unspecified
SwipeExpander 1.0.8-1 BigBoss (Default)
SwipeSelection 1.5.2-1 BigBoss (Default)
SwipeSelection Pro 1.0.3-1 BigBoss (Default)
SwitcherTweak Pro 1.1.4 BigBoss (Default)
TapTapFlip 1.3.3 BigBoss (Default)
TetherMe for iOS 9 & 8 1.1.1-1 BigBoss (Default)
TinyPlayer Pro 1.1-1 BigBoss (Default)
Touchr 1.0.1~beta1 Clezz
TranslucentCydia 0.9.0-1 BigBoss (Default)
TransparentDock 1.1-1 BigBoss (Default)
Tweak Count 2 1.0.1 BigBoss (Default)
UnBold 1.0.1-2 BigBoss (Default)
Unicode Faces 1.3.2 BigBoss (Default)
Upscale 0.3.0-3 bd452
Wallmart 2.0-1 BigBoss (Default)
wGet 1.16-4 Saurik’s Repo (Default)
WGradRemover 1.0-3 BigBoss (Default)
WhiteTerminal 8.1-3 BigBoss (Default)
Whoozit 1.0.5 BigBoss (Default)
Whoozit Pro 2.0.1 BigBoss (Default)
WiCarrier 1.1.4 BigBoss (Default)
WiFi – The Strongest Link 1.1.0 BigBoss (Default)
WiFi Booster 2.0.2 BigBoss (Default)
Wifi Passwords 3.0.1 BigBoss (Default)
WiJoin 1.2 BigBoss (Default)
WinterBoard 0.9.3920 Saurik’s Repo (Default)
xCon 38 BigBoss (Default)
XPasscode 1.3 BigBoss (Default)
ZW1T 1.2.0-1 BigBoss (Default)

Cydia tweaks mentioned above are compiled from Google Docks link. You can keep visiting this link to update yourself with latest Cydia tweaks.

Jailbreaking is a smart way to use your iOS device; you can do more with your iPhone and iPad as Apple doesn’t allow you to dig deeper in its devices.

Which, according to you, are the best iOS 10.2 compatible tweaks? Share your feedback on iOS 10 – iOS 10.2 Compatible Cydia Tweaks with us on FacebookTwitter and Google Plus.


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