iOS 12 “Storage Almost Full” Error is Annoying You? – Top 5 Tricks to Fix the Issue

Apple loves to say that its always looking towards the future and that it equips its iPhones with innovative features. Truth be told, Apple does its best to make every new iPhone unique and this can be clearly seen in the design of iPhone X which changed everyone’s perception of what the “ideal smartphone” needs to look like. However, there are still some not so innovative features that Apple could implement in order to make iPhones better such as support for microSD cards.

iPhone Support for MicroSD Cards

The biggest issue that Apple fans have with iPhones is the fact that they don’t support microSD cards. The worst thing about this is that Android smartphones have been shipping with this feature for a couple of years now and it makes it look like Apple is being left behind.

Storage Almost Too Full

Since Apple doesn’t want to introduce microSD support for iPhones, it should come as no surprise that managing storage space is the most annoying thing about iPhones. In fact, if we take a look on Apple’s community forum we are going to see hundreds of people complaining about the “Storage Almost Too Full” notification popping up on their screen. On the bright side of things, there are a couple of tricks that iPhone fans can use to get rid of this issue and today we are going to present them all.

#1 Get Rid of Unused Apps

Get Rid of Unused Apps

We all like to fill up our iPhones with cool apps such as Shazam because you never know when you might need them. However, these apps take lots of storage space and if you are not using them on a daily basis, then we advise you to delete them.

Head over to Settings – General – Usage – Manage Storage – Tap and delete any apps that you don’t use.

#2 iCloud Photo Library and Google Photos

iCloud Photo Library and Google Photos

One of the best things about iPhones is that they are camera-centric devices that snap beautiful photos. Moreover, everyone has thousands of photos stored on their iPhone and they take up lots of space, especially “Live” and “HD” ones. Therefore, using Apple’s iCloud Photo Library or Google Photos and storing photos them on the cloud is another great way of freeing up storage space.

#3 Reset Settings

 Reset Settings

If the above mentioned didn’t help you get rid of the “Storage Almost Full” issue, then we recommend that you reset all settings. Doing this will make sure that a software bug does not cause the “Storage Almost Full” issue.

Access Settings – General – Reset – Reset All Settings

#4 Clear Safari Cache

Clear Safari Cache

Another great thing about iPhones is that they ship with Apple’s Safari browser pre-installed. This is a great browser that makes surfing the web while on the go more enjoyable because of the features that it has to offer.

However, Safari has a tendency to store lots of cache data and this can also take up too much storage space. Since we are talking about clearing Safari’s cache data, we should mention that deleting the History and cookies will help free up storage space.

#5 WhatsApp Chats

WhatsApp Chats

WhatsApp holds the title of being the world’s most popular chatting app and nearly every iPhone owner has installed it. The downside about using WhatsApp is that the app stores all chats and if you the type of person who enjoys sharing files with your friends, then WhatsApp’s chats will occupy lots of space.

With that said, you should make sure that WhatsApp’s chats are deleted regularly by following the next steps: Open the app – Settings – Chats – Clear All Chats or Delete All Chats.

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