iOS 14 “Back Tap” Guide – Control Your iPhone with Apple’s New Functionality

iOS 14 is scheduled to introduce a plethora of new features that enhance the overall performances of all the latest gen iPhones. However, the features are not the only “goodies” that the operating system update introduced. iOS 14 also came with a bundle of software improvements that boost the user experience and stability of iPhones. The perfect example of that is the “Back Tap” functionality.

If you are unfamiliar with the new functionality, then you should know that it makes it possible to launch system actions such as App Switcher, Siri Commands, Notifications Center, and take a screenshot, for example. One of the most useful things that you can do with this functionality is to speed up the way you use your iPhone. With that said, today we are going to show you a detailed guide that teaches you how to use the new functionality to its full potential.

iPhone Models That Support iOS 14

Back Tap

As previously mentioned in the intro, the new features that iOS 14 introduces are exclusive to the latest generation of iPhones. Here are the models that support the upcoming operating system update and all the functionalities that it offers:

  • iPhone X;
  • iPhone XR;
  • iPhone XS;
  • iPhone 11;
  • iPhone 11 Pro;
  • iPhone 11 Pro Max;
  • iPhone SE 2020.

How to the Functionality

The first thing that we want to mention about the new functionality is that it is only available to iPhone users who have installed iOS 14 developer beta. Nonetheless, follow the guide below:

  1. Access the Settings panel;
  2. Next, select the Accessibility option;
  3. Select Touch;
  4. Now, scroll down until you can see Back Tap and select the option;
  5. Select between Double Tap and Triple Tap;
  6. Tap on <Back Tap to head over to the former panel;

How to Use Back Tap On iPhone

What’s great about the new functionality is the fact that it is super easy to use. You don’t have to hold your iPhone in any specific position, just tap anywhere on the backside to access the shortcuts selected for Back Tap. You can also try to tap on the camera glass and it will still work. If you want to exit from the action that you designated for Back Tap, then all you need to do is to double tap to enable the App Switcher.


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