iPad in 2019 – The 8 Most Useful Tips and Tricks That You Need!

The iPad is much more than a simple tablet and it can actually function as a laptop replacement when used properly. If you have the right knowledge and you start using the iPad like a pro, then the performances that the iOS-powered tablet offers are taken to the next level. We know that learning and mastering the iPad is not a simple task and this is why today we are going to help out with that. We have gathered the most useful iPad tips and tricks and we are going to present them right now. Without any further ado, let’s get into it.

The 8 Most Useful iPad Tips and Tricks

#1 Split View Will Improve Multitasking

Split View Will Improve Multitasking

Apple has always equipped iPads with some of the most powerful processors available on the market but despite that, there aren’t that many features to enable multitasking on the tablet. Fortunately, here is where the Split View feature comes in and saves the day. This is one of the most useful features that Apple has ever designed for iPads and it makes it possible for users to open two apps side-by-side.

With the help of Split View, iPad users will be able to keep something such as a Wikipedia webpage on one side and a document on the other, thus helping people who work from their iPads be more productive than ever.

#2 Transform Your iPad Keyboard into a Trackpad

Transform Your iPad Keyboard into a Trackpad

Since we previously talked about the Split View mode which helps iPad users become more productive, then we need to show that the iPad keyboard into a trackpad. This is another super-useful feature especially since not all iPad models support wired or Bluetooth mice. The only thing that iPad users need to do in order to transform the keyboard into a trackpad is to put two fingers on the keyboard at once and then move them around.

#3 Move Multiple Apps at Once

Move Multiple Apps at Once

If you want to rearrange the home screen of your iPad in order to make it look organized, then you should be pleased to know that there is a simple and fast way to move multiple apps at once. Just like with iPhones, enter the icon jiggle mode and then simply move the first app icon slightly so that the “x” disappears. After doing that, use your other finger to tap all the other app icons that you would like to move. This is it. All that’s left is to bulk-move the app icons to the new position that you want.

#4 Select Multiple Apps

Select Multiple Apps

Just like we showed you how to move multiple apps on the home-screen before, you can move multiple items, pictures, videos and more in the Files app. Simply tap and hold the first item in the list until it pops out a bit, now tap all the other items that you wish to add to the selection whilst keeping hold o the first item. You can also use multiple fingers to make the process easier.

#5 Key Flicks Will Help You Type Faster

Key Flicks Will Help You Type Faster

Do you feel like you are typing slow? Fortunately, there is a way to improve your typing speed without making your fingers hurt. Head over to Settings – General – Keyboard and then slide the switch labeled as “Enable Key Flicks” to the ON position. After doing this, Apple’s QuickType keyboard will be activated whenever you flick down on the letter keys to enter numbers, punctuation marks or numbers.

#6 How to Use a Sidecar

The Sidecar feature was recently introduced in the latest update for iPad OS and it makes it possible for Apple fans to use their iPad as a second screen for their Mac. This is super useful to have around, especially if you work in design. Nonetheless, you will need to be running MacOS Catalina on your Mac and then tap on the AirPlay button that is located in the Menu Bar. Now, select your iPad on the list and the tablet will automatically start working as a second display.

#7 Quickly Search for Apps Using Spotlight

Quickly Search for Apps Using Spotlight

Another interesting feature that Apple introduced in its latest updates for iPads is Spotlight Search. Just as the app’s name implies, Spotlight Search can be used to quickly search for apps and launch them. This is quite useful, especially for people who have lots of pages filled with apps and fun games. Not just that, but Spotlight Search can be used to find music, videos, contacts and much more than that!

In order to launch Spotlight Search, you will need to swipe down with your finger while on the home screen. Just make sure that you don’t swipe from the very top of the display because you will end up opening the Notification center.

#8 Get Free Books

Get Free Books

Is there anyone who doesn’t like free stuff? I didn’t think so either. If you are a fan of reading books, then we have some amazing news to share with you. There is a special feature called Project Gutenberg on iPads and the goal of this feature is to transform the world’s library of public domain works into digital format.

Amazing books such as Dracula, Alice in Wonderland and Peter Pan are some examples of what you can download for free. All these books are available by heading over to the iBooks app and then following the next steps Book Store – Browse Selections – Special Offers & Free.

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