iPad Mini 5 – The Best Cases Available on Amazon in 2019

The most recent iPad that Apple launched in 2019 is none other than the highly popular iPad Mini 5. The tablet ships with a small 7.9-inches display and an A12 Bionic processor that is paired with 64GB of internal storage space. While the hardware internals of iPad Mini 5 are impressive, the tablet’s design is what makes it so popular. Apple’s devices are renowned for sporting sleek designs and iPad Mini 5 is not an exception to that rule shipping with a clean, yet stylish design that makes iPad Mini 5 the perfect tablet for someone who is looking to buy a small tablet that has enough power to handle heavy-duty tasks.

On the downside of things, the sleek design of iPad Mini 5 comes at a price. If you drop the tablet on the ground, there is a high chance that the display will crack or that the rounded corners will get scratches. This is never a good thing, especially since Apple is known for charging hundreds of dollars for repairs. This is why you might want to check out the list below and pick a protective case that will make sure that nothing bad happens to your iPad Mini 5. With that said, let’s go ahead and check out which are the four best cases for iPad Mini 5 available on Amazon.

The Best Cases for Apple’s Latest iPad

#1 Supacase


Supacase is one of the most renowned accessory makers that sells its products on Amazon and this speaks volumes about the Unicorn Beetle Pro Series case that has been specially designed for iPad Mini 5. The case has 35 ratings on Amazon with an average of 4.5/5 stars. This is quite impressive! The reason why we have picked this case for iPad Mini 5 to be featured on the first place on our list is because it features a shock-resistant, dual-layer case with PC hard-shell and flexible TPU that will provide full protection to iPad Mini 5.

Even though the design of this case might seem bulky at first glance, this will not impair the functionality of the iPad Mini 5 and its buttons. The case features precise cutouts that ensure full access to all ports, sensors, speakers, cameras and all other features that Apple fans know and love. To Top it all off, the case is equipped with a functional pop-out kickstand that makes it easier for iPad Mini 5 to watch their favorite online videos, movies, TV shows and play mobile games.
Price: $32.24
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#2 Veco


If you are looking for a case that features a special design, then you don’t need to search any further than the case for iPad Mini 5 from Veco. As we can see in the picture featured above, this case offers a spectacular denim design that is guaranteed to make your iPad Mini 5 stand out every time that you pull it out of the handbag.

The material that is similar to denim in design looks great in blue but if that’s not your favorite color, then you should be pleased to know that the folks at Veco ar offering it in eight other color models! Last but not least, the case is equipped with a magnetic smart cover that supports auto wake/sleep function. The powerful magnet feels great when closing the case and it also secures it.
Price: $17.99
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#3 Seymac Rugged Case


We can’t deny the fact that iPad Mini 5 is a fragile tablet. However, you will never have to worry about it after covering it in the case featured above. This is a rugged case that has been specially designed for iPad Mini 5 with precise cutouts, but this is not what makes it stand out. The case comes equipped with a soft hand strap, portable shoulder strap and rotating stand. These features might not seem that impressive, but we assure you that they are going to provide the securest protection for your iPad Mini 5. You will be able to hang the tablet anywhere you want in order to watch videos but not just that, you can also use the built-in 360 rotating kickstand to position it for multi-angle viewing.

The material used by the folks at Seymac to design this case is made from high-grade thermoplastic polycarbonate and anti-skidding silicone. To top it all off, the case features a built-in screen protector that guarantees nothing bad will happen to the iPad Mini 5, even if you make the mistake of dropping it on the hard floor. Thanks to all the cool features that this case offers, you will be able to take your iPad Mini 5 on outdoors activities and know that it’s always safe.
Price: $21.99
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#4 ESR Rebound Slim Case

 ESR Rebound Slim Case

If the price of the iPad Mini 5 has set you back, then we understand that you might not be willing to spend close to $50 on a case. Fortunately, here is where the ESR Rebound Slim Case comes in and provides an alternative. This is a great case for iPad Mini 5 and it features a soft flexible TPU cover that offers a high level of protection while also preventing edge cracking. In addition, the flexible TPU cover is easy to take off.

The front cover of the ESR Rebound Slim Case is made of polyurethane and this is making sure that the smooth finish of the iPad Mini 5 doesn’t get any scratches due to continuous use. We also want to mention that the case features a trifold magnetic folding design that enables viewing and typing stand modes.
Price: $11.99
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