iPhone 11 Pro Max – Top 5 Best Accessories That You Need

iPhone 11 Pro Max is the new “gold standard’ from Apple. This is the new flagship iPhone for 2020 and it is equipped with the best hardware parts that Apple could get its hands on. Not just that, but iPhone 11 Pro Max also features a sleek design made from premium parts such as the 6.5-inches full-screen display that uses the innovative Super Retina XDR OLED technology which offers a pixel resolution of 1242 x 2688. However, you cannot unlock iPhone 11 Pro Max’s full potential without pairing it with the right accessories.

If you have recently purchased a new iPhone 11 Pro Max, then there are a couple of accessories that you need to get. Take for example the device’s beautiful display which will crack at the first drop on the hard concrete. Not just that, but the triple-camera setup on that is mounted on the rear side will get scratches really quick if you are not careful. Here is where premium cases come in and save the day. With that said, let’s go ahead and check out which are the top five best accessories for iPhone 11 Pro Max.

Top Five iPhone 11 Pro Max Accessories

#1 Clear Case

 Clear Case

We know that iPhone 11 Pro Max is a beautiful smartphone and that covering it in a full-case will take away from its design. Luckily, there are clear cases that will not ruin the design of iPhone 11 Pro Max and make it even easier for people to flaunt their newly purchased iPhone. This is why on the first spot on our list we have the OULUOQI clear case that has been designed especially for iPhone 11 Pro Max and its round corners.

The crystal clear case is equipped with TPU bumpers and a hard PC back shield that will make sure that the iPhone 11 Pro Max is protected from all damages. To make things even better, the case features raised bezels around the corners and this is going to help keep safe the triple-camera setup. As if this wasn’t impressive enough, the folks at QULUOQI are offering an 18-months warranty program.
Price: $9.99
Purchase it from Amazon

#2 Car Phone Mount

Car Phone Mount

If you like driving or if your job forces you to drive a lot, then you should consider purchasing a premium car phone mount for your iPhone 11 Pro Max. Having this accessory is not only going to make sure that you don’t drop the iPhone 11 Pro Max from your hands while picking up a call, but it will also make it much easier for you to watch navigation instructions from apps such as Maps or Waze without ever having to take your eyes away from the road.

The accessory has been equipped with quadrilateral protection and this is making it possible to maintain a stable viewing angle at all times. Your iPhone 11 Pro Max will stay secure in the car and it will never slip out. Another cool thing that we want to mention is that the accessory can be mounted directly on the ventilator.
Price: $16.99
Purchase it from Amazon

#3 Wireless Charger for Multiple Devices

Wireless Charger for Multiple Devices

Most iPhone fans own more than one Apple product. If you fit in that category, then the wireless accessory featured above is perfect for you. This wireless charger features a built-in charger and it’s made with CNC technology, TPU materials and premium aluminum materials which make it look great in any room you place it starting with the office and ending with the living room.

The wireless charger offers super strong power being able to charge at 15W for fast-speeds. However, the best thing about this wireless charger is the fact that it can support multiple Apple devices at the same time and that thanks to its 3-coil charging technology, it will charge 1.5 faster than all other standard wireless chargers.
Price: $59.99
Purchase it from Amazon

#4 Standard Wireless Charger

Standard Wireless Charger

While the previous wireless charger on our list is a premium accessory that can charge multiple devices at the same time, it’s a bit too expensive. If you are looking for something cheaper that will deliver reliable performances, then you can’t go wrong with the Yootech wireless charger which charges devices at 10W, 7.5W and 5W.

What’s great about this cheaper wireless charger is that despite its smaller price tag, it still ships with exclusive multifunctional intelligence protect technology that helps prevent electrical surges, short-circuits and also overheating. In addition, the wireless charger sports a nice design that goes great with iPhone 11 Pro Max.
Price: $13.99
Purchase it from Amazon

#5 Rugged Case

 Rugged Case

For those of you iPhone 11 Pro Max owners who want to make sure that no matter how hard the smartphone gets hit or dropped the screen will never crack, then the rugged case from i-Blason is what you need. Despite being a rugged case that covers all the “weak” spots on an iPhone 11 Pro Max, it doesn’t take away from the smartphone’s beauty at all, quite the opposite, it makes the iPhone 11 Pro Max stand out even more.

The rugged case features flexible TPU and polycarbonate materials that provide 360-degree security and CNET protection from dust, dirt, drops or falls. Having a CNET certification means that iPhone 11 Pro Max owners can drop the device up to twenty times without something happening to it. In addition, the built-in screen protector will prevent all scratches or cracks without compromising the touch sensitivity.
Price: $22.99
Purchase it from Amazon

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