iPhone 11 – Top 5 Cases Available on Amazon Under $25

This is a great time to be an Apple fan! The Cupertino based tech giant has launched a brand-new iPhone lineup that includes amazing devices such as iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and the more expensive iPhone 11 Pro Max. We have written a detailed guide on how and where to get the best deals when pre-order one of the new iPhones and you check it out by clicking here. However, today we have something even better to show you. We have scoured the internet in search for the best iPhone 11 cases and today we are going to present them. Without any further ado, let’s get right into it.

The Best iPhone 11 Cases

One of the things that makes iPhone 11 stand out when compared to other high-end smartphones is the premium design that it offers. The smartphone looks sleek and no one can deny that. On the downside of things, the full-screen display does put the smartphone at risk in case it gets dropped on the hard concrete. Not just that, but iPhone 11 can also easily get “pocket scratches” on the display thanks to its massive size.

With that said, this is why getting a premium case is something that everyone who buys a brand-new iPhone 11 needs to do. If you are interested in checking out the best cases for iPhone 11 but don’t feel like browsing through the endless search results of Amazon, then you are in luck because today we are going to show off the top five ones.

#1 Spigen Case

Spigen Case

What better way to start off other than with an iPhone 11 case made by Spigen? This is one of the best accessories makers in the world and Spigen is renowned for always releasing premium accessories that go great with Apple’s iPhones. Nonetheless, the folks at Spigen have created a great-looking case for iPhone 11 that sports a simple, yet durable design.

Despite being priced at only $11.99, the Spigen case for iPhone 11 offers hybrid technology that is made of a TPU bumper combined with a durable PC back. The reason why the case looks so great is because it features crystal clear transparency which flaunts the sleek design of Apple’s flagship.
Price: $11.99
Purchase it from Amazon

#2 Temdan Rugged Case

Temdan Rugged Case

If you like to live an active life and do outdoor activities such as jogging, biking and so on, then you might want to consider getting a rugged case for your new iPhone 11. The folks at Temdan have created an amazing case for iPhone 11 that doesn’t just look amazing, it also helps protect the smartphone at all times. One of the highlight features that this case has to offer is that it’s entirely waterproof!

The rugged case is fully waterproof and this is thanks to the fact that it has been sealed with standard IP68 waterproof grade 6.6ft/1H. This means that iPhone 11 fans who decide to purchase the rugged case from Temdan will be able to take the smartphone swimming or in any other type of underwater activities without having to worry that the smartphone might have a short circuit or that the camera setup will get damaged.
Price: $18.99
Purchase it from Amazon

#3 Innge Wallet Case

Innge Wallet Case

Some people don’t like to carry lots of stuff in their pockets and would rather have it all in a single purse. However, what do you do if you can’t carry a purse with you at all times? Well, here is where the wallet case for iPhone 11 from Innge comes in and saves the day. The case features a great design and support function which can be used in order to make it more comfortable to watch videos, play games or read the news on the iPhone 11

The Innge wallet case is also going to provide the iPhone 11 with a high level of protection since it features four corner protection made from high-quality soft TPU inner skin shell. The leather finish helps to prevent damage from dust, dirt and other types of scratches. We also want to note that the folks at Innge are so confident in their product that they are offering a 7 days money-back guarantee and 60 days warranty.
Price: $10.99
Purchase it from Amazon

#4 Speck Clear Case

Speck Clear Case

As previously mentioned, iPhone 11 sports a beautiful design. This is why some iPhone 11 fans might not even want to purchase a case because they still want to flaunt their newly purchased iPhone 11. This is why on our fourth spot we want to introduce the Speck clear case. The folks at Speck know that the beautiful design and status that owning an iPhone 11 brings are important to Apple fans and this is why they decided to create a premium clear case that helps flaunt the smartphone’s design and keep it safe at the same time.

Some of you might be thinking that since this is a clear case, then it doesn’t offer the same level of durability as the previous ones. Well, that is wrong because the Speck clear case has been military drop tested for extreme durability and it passed the tests with flying colors! The reason behind this is that the clear case features two layers of protective cushioning and raised bezel for screen protection.
Price: $24.95
Purchase it from Amazon

#4 Speck Clear Case

#5 Arae Case

 Arae Case

The last accessory for iPhone 11 that we want to show off is the one made by the company known as Arae. This case offers a little bit of both worlds. What we mean by that is that the Arae case offers the same functionality as a wallet case while not making the iPhone 11 look bulky. Therefore, the Arae case is the perfect choice for iPhone 11 fans who want protection but still want to show off their newly purchased smartphone.

The case is equipped with three card slots and a pocket where iPhone 11 fans can store their driving license or any other form of ID. In addition, the case is made from shockproof TPU material and high-quality PU leather.
Price: $15.99
Purchase it from Amazon

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