Skin4Gadgets iPhone 6s Plus Designer Case: Elegance Personified

Smartphone accessories have always made me fall for every time I explore websites of iPhone or Android phone accessories. Cases, though they are quite unassuming, are my favourite apart from power banks. However, there is a remarkable difference between the two products. External Power banks cannot be aesthetically powerful like cases.

Customized iPhone cases are a hit among young smartphone owners. On the other hand, executive brigade always look for simple but elegant cases. The perfect example of a simple but impressive iPhone case is discussed here. And this case is made by an Indian accessories maker Skin4Gadgets.

So here is a brown wooden planks for Apple iPhone 6s Plus. Its name and design might make you think that it’s a wooden case. Even I was taken in by the photograph. But the case is made of thermoplastic material, which can be bent or twisted easily. The case is perfect for Indian consumers, who face many challenges during a day.

Skin4Gadgets iPhone 6s Plus Wooden Case

Brown Wooden Planks For Apple iPhone 6s Plus

Design and material

I am still struggling to believe that this brown case is made of thermoplastic and it is not and not wooden. It is so elegantly designed and manufactured that even the most experienced eyes would pass it as a wooden case. Appreciate its wooden planks that work like a charm. The design looks so real that your iPhone 6s Plus would look more beautiful when covered by this case.

Thermoplastic is the need of the hour. Given the daily grind of Indian lifestyle, this bendable and twistable thermoplastic material is perfect option. I am sure that you can easily put your iPhone 6s Plus in your hip pocket and still sit down and stand up comfortably.

Where is technology used in this case?

One might wonder where is the use of technology in this ubiquitous yet unique case? Well, this case is a high quality one-piece virgin thermoplastic case. For image printing, Skin4Gadgets has used thermal transfer using MT3 technology that permanently embeds the image. This ensures brilliant details and rich print quality. Its 3D printing capacity covers all sides and edges.

This case is specially designed for working executives. Its design and colour may not capture the fancy of young iPhone users. However, this website offers customized iPhone cases for all users. You can submit your design or photograph to be embedded on the case. Moreover, you will get chip-wear-fade-peal resistant backed with limited lifetime warranty on your case.

Now is the right time to place order for this case as you will get 15% cash back (up to Rs 50/-) on your credit/debit card.

Given the price of this case, I think this can be a good choice. After spending a hefty amount on your iPhone 6s Plus, spending less money on accessories can be a good decision. After using this case, you can share your experience with us. We would like to receive your feedback on Facebook, Google Plus, and Twitter

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