Luxury Pocket Book iPhone 7/7 Plus Leather Cases from Pad & Quill

Luxury has so many manifestations in the modern world. From a posh sedan to an imposing mansion, the rich have countless options to showcase their affluence. While fashion has its own manners to slip away with icons, gadgets have limited choice to shout out their presence. As against its internal mechanism, electronic devices have now begun to jet off with gusto to claim their position in the world of style & attitude.

How this modern world reacts to a smart device is a matter of observation. Some have mastered this art and therefore, they can easily craft such devices that can help people flaunt their inherent persona with just a single accessory they have covered on their smart devices. For fashion victims, it is a question of life and death to present themselves with the best of everything…even if it is their smartphone case.

Pad & Quill knows this wizardry of how to impress peers of the realm by combining great skill, craftsmanship and technology. The recent rage of iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus has obviously blinded one and all. Apart from technogeeks, many people have rushed to grab the two smartphones to assert their position in the chosen ones.

Once they have the piece, it now has come to stylize it with extra embellishments. No, they were not satisfied with the factory-made decor. They always wanted something extra. And Pad & Quill comes up with a perfect answer. After much hard work, creativity and sleepless nights (did I miss gallons of coffee?) Pad & Quill team made two masterpieces that Ernest Hemingway would love (you can ask The New York Times team). And the two pieces are Luxury Book iPhone 7 Plus Case and Luxury Pocket Book iPhone 7 Case.

Luxury Pocket Book iPhone 77 Plus Leather Cases from Pad and Quill

So what is so special in the two cases that Hemingway would have loved? As said in its official website, the cases have Courage and Craftsmanship. Pad & Quill has crafted extremely versatile case out of the best materials in the world.

The Best Materials

Luxury Pocket Book iPhone 77 Plus Leather Cases from Pad and Quill

Two continents have joined their hands to create a protective case for iPhone 7 Plus and iPhone 7. Yes, check that Baltic birch and full grain American leather that combined to create a perfect case. Baltic birch form a thick layer and gives extra cushion to your iPhone and the American leather imparts unbeatable luxury. This leather is normally found in bags and briefcases; now you can imagine the power and sheen it provides to this case.

Hand-crafted at St Paul, MN

Like a book, this leather case is bound in a Pad & Quill bindery, and therefore, the two cases perfectly fit iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. The case tightly hugs just like a bark is glued to the trunk of a tree. The beauty of the cases lies in its hand-finished design that is impact-resistant.


They don’t only delight your eyes. The cases are highly functional. Its usefulness is brimming in those six slots to store credit/debit cards and ID. And you can also put some cash in the pocket below the card slots. While using the phone, access all ports, buttons and controls effortlessly. To protect the camera aperture, Pad & Quill has provided a wood frame protection.

While you are buying such a luxurious product, you must be dreaming of making it a bit personal. Well, Pad & Quill reads your mind. At just $9.99 extra, you can get a monogram of 3 characters on the case. While placing an order, check Add Personalization box and go ahead.

The cases are available in three beautiful colors: Dark Chocolate, Whiskey, and Galloper Black. However, the interior color remains static, and that is Deep Sea Blue.

iPhone 7 Plus Case Dimensions :- 6.8 in x 3.8 in x 0.55 in

Price: $109.95
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iPhone 7 Case Dimensions :- 6 in x 3.5 in x 0.55 in

Price: $99.95
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