iPhone Guide – How to Make the Screen Darker

While iPhones look amazing with their brightness levels at max, no one can deny the fact that they can be harmful to the eyes. Don’t you just hate it when you use your iPhone in the middle of the night to check a notification and the screen’s light burns so bright that it hurts your eyes? The Dark Mode is not enough to keep the brightness at safe levels because not all apps are equipped with support for the mode. Fortunately, there are some alternative ways to make the screen darker and today we will show you how to do it.

How to Make the iPhone Screen Darker

iPhone Guide

#1 Create an Ultra-Low Brightness Shortcut

If you like the way your iPhone looks with the brightness level at max and only want to lower it at certain times of the day, you should be pleased to know that there is a way to create shortcut for this. Follow the steps below:

  1. Access the Settings panel;
  2. Select Accessibility;
  3. Tap on Zoom;
  4. Enable Zoom Mode;
  5. Change the Zoom Region to Full-screen Zoom;
  6. Now, go ahead and change the Zoom Filter to Low Light.

The cool thing about this feature is that you are not required to keep it turned on at all times. You can create a dedicated shortcut that will lower the brightness of your iPhone’s screen and make it safe for your eyes. Here is how to enable the shortcut:

  1. Access the Settings panel;
  2. Select Accessibility;
  3. Scroll down and select Accessibility Shortcut;
  4. Tap on Zoom.

#2 True Tone

iPhones are equipped with lots of innovative technologies and True Tone Display is one of them. True Tone is a lighting modification that automatically adjusts the brightness levels according to the surroundings. Therefore, the brightness will go higher when you are walking outside and the sun is shining bright.

#3 Night Shift

Just as the feature’s name implies, Night Shift is here to make sure that your iPhone’s display brightness doesn’t hurt your eyes when working on the night shift. Using this feature will automatically adjust the spectrum of colors for the iPhone in the later hours of the night so that your eyesight is not affected.

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