iPhone Making Random Calls – 7 Genius Fix

“Hey, did you call a while ago?” – your pal calls you up and asks you. You don’t have the slightest idea what he is talking about. You didn’t even call him for at least the last 7 days!

Getting confused, keeping him on hold, you check the call list, and here you go! You did call him! 

Don’t worry. This spooky call was made by your phone, not you. Yes, this is one of the rarest problems with iPhones users – iPhone making random calls, even if the phone is locked.

However, this is not actually something to throw your phone away. If you have a bit of time, it can easily be solved. In this piece, we are going to look at 7 ways to solve this issue. 


Why Does iPhone Make Random Calls? 

There are no certain reasons why iPhone tends to make random calls. A watered-down reason could be an unwanted touch on the call log page that is a very rare case.

However, that doesn’t answer how it makes calls while the phone screen is locked

In that case, a probable reason is software bugs that may upset the calling system. Plus, a network issue from your carrier’s end can also be the reason behind this odd behavior.

Whatever the case is, the good news is that it can be solved. Let’s find out some of the easiest ways you can stop these weird and spooky calls! 


Disable Voice Control 

Ways to Stop iPhone Making Random Calls -Disable Voice Control  


With iOS 13, iPhone has got a new and improved feature to interact with the user – voice control. This is a pretty useful option to control your phone just by using your voice. Now, this comes with a catch. 

When enabled, the voice control feature will receive anything you speak near it. So, it may mistakenly catch any word or name you speak and may understand that you are asking to call that contact. So, it can initiate a call automatically without you even knowing it. 

So, the solution is, if you don’t use voice control quite frequently, you can turn it off. Here’s how you can do it. Go to Settings > Accessibility > Voice Control.

Now, if you have turned the Voice Control feature on, you need to toggle it off. 

This way, your phone will stop receiving instructions from your voice, and perhaps, it will stop the phone from making random calls. 


Disconnect Your Bluetooth Speaker 

Ways to Stop iPhone Making Random Calls - Disconnect Your Bluetooth Speaker 


Although Bluetooth speakers are meant for receiving calls while you are not in a position to hold up your phone and talk, most Bluetooth headphones today have call-initiating features.

You will find one or two buttons on the headphone that can make calls to the recently dialed number. 

You may accidentally click the buttons, and the speaker will start calling the contacts listed under the recently called list. Even if you are not the one to click it, you may have toddlers or babies in the house who may want to play with the device and do the same. 

So, to stop the Bluetooth device from making calls, you need to disconnect the Bluetooth device from your iPhone. There are two ways you can do it. One, you can manually turn the device off.

Every Bluetooth device has a power-off switch that can be used to switch it off. If you are not using the device, you can easily turn it off. 

Then again, you can also disconnect the device from your phone using the Bluetooth settings of your iPhone. Here’s what you can do. 

Go to Settings > Bluetooth 

Now, toggle off the Bluetooth option, and you are done. 

Alternatively, you can drag down the control center from the top and simply click the Bluetooth icon on the top section. It would turn the Bluetooth off if it were previously turned on. 

This way, you can disconnect all the connected Bluetooth devices to your iPhone, and hopefully, all the spooky calls made by clicking buttons will stop. 


Reboot Your iPhone 

One of the easiest solutions to this problem is to reboot your phone. When you turn off your iPhone and start it again, it wipes all the recent memories and starts fresh. This means that if a temporary software bug causes the issue, restarting your phone will solve the issue. 

To restart your iPhone, you need to press and hold both the side and volume up button. This will prompt the message ‘Slide to power off’.

Simply slide the power icon to the right, and the phone will get switched off. When it’s switched off, gently press and hold the side button to wake the phone up. 


Reset Phone Settings 

Ways to Stop iPhone Making Random Calls - Reset Phone Settings 


Resetting all the phone settings to the default position is a well-trusted way to bring your phone back to its functioning position.

It removes all the alteration you’ve done to your phone settings and will set all the settings as it was when you purchased. This brings back the default settings, and it can definitely solve any software setting’s malfunction. 

To reset all the settings, you need to go to the Settings > General 

Scroll down until you find the Reset option. 

Now, click open the Reset settings, and you will find the ‘Reset All Settings’ option on top. Click it to reset all the settings to default. You will need to type the password of your phone to make it work. 


Hard Reset Your iPhone 

If this simple resetting option doesn’t work, this means you need to go for a hard reset. Hard reset can be considered equivalent to factory reset. This way, all the settings memory will be booted from zero, and you will be able to work with a fresh phone.

Not to worry, this will not wipe your data on the phone; it will just remove the current memories and give you a nice and clean start. Here’s how you can perform a hard reset. 

For iPhone 8, SE (2nd Gen), X, and above: 

  • Press and release the Volume Up button 
  • Press and release the Volume Down button
  • Hold on to the Side button and let it go when the Apple logo shows up 

For iPhone 7: 

  • Press the Volume Down button and the Wake/Sleep button at the same time 
  • Release the buttons when the Apple logo appears on the screen 

For iPhone 6 and SE (1st Gen): 

  • Press the home button and the Sleep/Wake button at the same time 
  • Release the buttons when the Apple logo appears on the screen


Update iOS Version 

Ways to Stop iPhone Making Random Calls - Update iOS Version 


Another way you can get rid of this mystery calling is by updating your iOS version. Yes, sometimes, current iOS may house some bugs that can mess up with the phone calling system, and the result is you can see your iPhone making calls on its own.

So, updating your iOS can definitely result in a positive outcome. It’s pretty simple. If you haven’t set up an automatic update option, you need to do it manually. 

Go to Settings > General > Software Update 

If there’s an update available, you will see it here. There’s an option named Download and Install iOS . Simply tap on this option, and the update will start downloading on your phone. Then it will automatically install the update after restarting the device. 

Once the phone’s iOS is updated, the problem should be solved on its own. 


Contact Your Carrier 

Now, there’s a good possibility that the issue is not because your iPhone is buggy. There may be some questions that your carrier can answer. Sometimes, the network carriers may also face some trouble in a specific zone, and the users in that zone may face issues like automated calls and sudden call drops

So, it’s better if you reach out to your carrier and file a complaint to see if the issue is something that can be solved from their end. That’s, of course, after you have gone through all the solutions we have mentioned before. If nothing works, this is the last resort you can adopt.  


Other Physical Solutions 

Ways to Stop iPhone Making Random Calls


Now that you have gone through a lot of options, we believe that any of these or a number of these hacks have already solved your issue. However, there are some general physical solutions, as well, that you can try if there’s no way you can solve the automatic call problem. Here are two things you can do. 

  • Lock Your Phone Well 

Some of us don’t feel like locking our phone’s screen with passcodes. This is something that can accelerate problems like automatic self-calling, unwanted touch, etc. It’s always great to lock your phone with Face ID or passcode. 

If you ask us, we would suggest you go for a passcode rather than Face ID, as you wouldn’t know when the phone gets unlocked when you have been looking at the phone while you were talking to your pal! The phone can easily get unlocked after a few touches on it, and an automatic call is just a matter of taps. 

To prevent this, you can use the passcode system that will definitely need you to put numbers on the screen as your codes. This way, you can make sure that the phone never gets unlocked without you putting those numbers in. 

Another problem can occur if your phone screen has become weaker and highly sensitive to touch. It may not work properly due to any physical damage, and you won’t even understand why the touchscreen is responding to taps you didn’t even intend to. 

In this case, simply run a physical check on the touchscreen. Is it responding weirdly? If not, then this is not a physical problem. If yes, you should visit Apple Support and may need to change the screen. 



So, these are the ways you can prevent your iPhone from making random calls without you even noticing. We believe one of these solutions will definitely give you a way out, if not solve the issue right away. However, if nothing works at all, there’s always an option – visit Apple Support. You can find all the necessary information for Apple support here

Good luck! 

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