One of the best features that iPhone 11 introduced is the famous dark mode. The dark mode is available to all iPhones that are running on the latest iOS 13 operating system and if you are using a device that is equipped with an OLED display, then you should enable the dark mode because it provides an amazing contrast due to the true black color that only OLED displays offer. However, there are many other benefits that the dark mode brings.

The reason why all iPhone owners should enable the dark mode is because it will boost their overall battery life. Any iPhone that runs with the dark mode will be able to last for longer times, and more importantly, it will be much easier to use the device during night time because the screen’s brightness will no longer hurt the user’s eyes. The question that remains is how much battery does the dark mode help save? Fortunately, the content creators for the YouTube channel “PhoneBluff” have performed a bunch of tests that answer our question.

Dark Mode Improves iPhone Battery Life by 30%

Even though you might think that the only thing that the dark mode does is to make the user interface of iOS sleeker, this not the case. The folks at PhoneBluff have tested the iPhone XS by running numerous apps in both the dark mode and the standard light mode. Some of the most popular apps that have been tested are the native iOS Message apps, Google Maps and watching online videos on YouTube.

The test results clearly showed that when the iPhone XS had the dark mode enabled, the device’s battery life was extended by 30 percent. This is more than anticipated and the 30 percent battery life boost converts to a couple more hours of use than normal.

battery test on iPhone XS

OLED Displays are the Secret

If you think that it’s unreal how a simple setting could improve the battery life of iPhone XS, then you should know that this is all thanks to OLED displays. OLED displays are renowned for the quality of the colors that they provide,but this is not what makes them special. The highlight feature of OLED displays is that they lack a backlight panel.

Instead of having a backlight as LCD displays, the OLED ones use tiny LEDs that are turned on and off to light up the pixel. This is what makes the true black possible and why the black color will show up as grey on LCD displays which require the backlight to be turned on as default. With that said, parts of the display that are supposed to be black will not use up any power on OLED displays. This is why the dark mode is able to boost the battery life of iPhones by up to 30 percent.

Here are the iPhones that Can Benefit from this Battery Boost

iPhone Dark Mode

We want to highlight the fact that only iPhones that are using OLED displays will see such a significant increase in battery life after enabling the dark mode. Therefore, Apple’s latest iPhone X, iPhone XS and iPhone 11 Pro are the devices that should always keep the dark mode enabled by the default.

The last thing that we want to mention about the dark mode is that even though iPhones with OLED displays are the ones who benefit the most from the battery life improvements, all iPhones which are running on iOS 13 should enable the dark mode. The reason behind this is that the dark mode is giving a new and fresh look to the user interface of iOS while also protecting the iPhone owner’s eyes when he/she is using the device during late hours of the night.

Become a Pro iPad User with these iPadOS Keyboard Shortcuts

iPad OS keyboard shortcuts

Since we are talking about new features introduced in iOS 13 that are changing the way that Apple fans are using their devices, we want to help you become a pro iPad user. The way that we are going to do that is by presenting the 24 new iPadOS shortcuts that Apple has introduced when it released the latest version of its operating system. These shortcuts are super useful and if you get used to implementing them, your work productivity will skyrocket! Without any further ado, here they are.

  • Use default font size in Reader (Cmd + 0)
  • Open link in background (Cmd + tap)
  • Toggle downloads (Cmd + Alt)
  • Open link in new window (Cmd + Alt + tap)
  • Use selection for Find (Cmd + E)
  • Email this page (Cmd + I)
  • Open link in new tab (Cmd + Shift + tap)
  • Decrease Reader text size (Cmd + -)
  • Zoom in (Cmd + +)
  • Zoom out (Cmd + -)
  • Save webpage (Cmd + S)
  • Change focused element (Alt + tab)
  • Focus Smart Search field (Cmd + Alt + F)
  • Dismiss web view in app (Cmd + W)
  • Increase Reader text size (Cmd + +)
  • Download linked file (Alt + tap)
  • Add link to Reading List (Shift + tap)
  • Close other tabs (Cmd + Alt + W)
  • Scroll around screen (arrow keys)
  • Paste without formatting (Cmd + Shift + Alt + V)
  • New Private tab (Cmd + Shift + N)
  • Actual size (Cmd + 0)
  • Open search result (Cmd + Return)
  • Toggle bookmarks (Cmd + Alt + 1)


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