iPhone Secret Codes Tricks and Hacks: Unlock Hidden Features and Settings on Your iPhone

Your iPhone hides a lot of features you never knew. To unlock those hidden features, you can use secret iPhone numbers. Here, we have listed all important iPhone secret codes and hacks to unlock a repertoire of features you have never explored on your phone before.

Wonder what you could do with these iPhone hidden codes and hacks to unlock or reset? Well, let me tell you can enhance your call quality and quickly check your mobile balance. Apart from the two, there are myriad features you can unearth by using these tricks.

iPhone Secret Codes Tricks and Hacks

List of iPhone Secret Codes and Hacks

Codes Purpose
*3001#12345#* Field Test mode (For improving iPhone signal)
*#5005*7672# SMS center number
*3370# Turn on or off EFR (Enhanced Full Rate)
*#06# iPhone’s IMEI number
*43# Activate Call Waiting
*#43# Get Call Waiting status
#43# Deactivate Call Waiting
*646# Know your available minutes
*225# Know your current bill balance – Only Postpaid Users
*777# Check your account balance – Only Prepaid Users
*#61# Check No of Calls Missed
*#21# Know Call Forwarding Status
*#67# Call Forwarding Number
*#33# Check Disabled Services on your Number For Eg: International Calling
*#31# Hide Your Number
*#62# Know which number calls will be forwarded to if there is no service
*#76# Connecting line presentation
*#30# Calling line presentation check

Unlike Samsung secret codes, which are more like a rabbit warren of an operating system, iPhone codes to unlock are simple as they deal with menus and settings.

iOS secret numbers are particularly helpful when you wish to find out how many minutes left on your phone tariff, your iPhone IMEI number or you wish to better the quality of voice on your phone.

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