How to Fix iPhone Touch Screen Not Working Issue Solutions for Hardware

If there is one thing that you interact with your iPhone too often, it is the touch screen. And when the iPhone touch screen is not working, you tend to raise the roof. Imagine how paralyze you feel when you can’t open any app on your iPhone. A touch screen is the entry point to your iOS device and when it fails to respond to your touch, it surely causes a lot of problems in your life.

Before we supply solutions, we need to know why iPhone touch screen is unresponsive.

Why my iPhone touchscreen is not working?

The very first culprit in this case is the digitizer, which processes your touch on your iPhone. It is a physical part on your iPhone that works as mediator between your touch and your iPhone’s internal system. This means, the iPhone’s software can also be making trouble to the touch screen. So you have to fight the battle at two fronts: hardware and software of your iPhone.

First off, we will deal with the hardware issues and solutions to fix the ‘iPhone touch screen is unresponsive’ problem.

How to Fix iPhone Touch Screen Not Working Issue: Solutions for Hardware

Clear your iPhone’s touch screen

On a very basic level, you should try this solution: clean and clear the iPhone’s screen. There are occasions when you have to pick up the phone while you are eating finger food. Since your fingers can be laced with oil or button, the same stuff will be transferred to your iPhone’s touch screen. In this situation, keep your iPhone under different lighting conditions. For example, hold it under the table lamp, sunlight or under any other lights. Now clean the screen with a cotton cloth and make sure that there is no stain or residue of any sort.

Change Screen Protectors

Screen protectors normally provide good protection against possible dangers like scratches, accidental drops, and stains. However, at times, these screen protectors stop performing due to ageing. You need to keep changing your iPhone 7 screen protectors at regular intervals. It is better to use iPhone 7 privacy screen protectors, which give you better experience of using iPhone touch screen. If you are using iPhone 7 Plus, then go for the iPhone 7 Plus tempered glass screen protectors and iPhone 7 Plus privacy screen protectors.

Is the touch screen broken?

If you are careless enough to drop your iPhone, you may have to face the dire consequences, which can include broken touch screen of your iPhone. In this case, there is only one way: get the touch screen changed. You wish you had got the best iPhone 7 kickstand cases and iPhone 7 Plus kickstand cases. As an alternative, you can buy a new iPhone screen kit and try to change the part by yourself. However, you need to be extra careful. Only the experts can do this without any flaw, and hence, I would suggest you go to Genius Bar with your iPhone. Users normally avoid Genius Bar as they charge exorbitant prices for their services. It would be wiser to take services from third-party repair stores like CellSavers and iResq.

The MacGyver Solution

When you drop your iPhone accidentally or in a fit of fury, it receives terrible jolt and this affects the internal machinery. The logic board in your iPhone receives such a tremendous shock that the touch screen may stop working. On the surface, you may not see any scratch or hairline fracture, but beneath the screen, there can be a great deal of damage. As a solution, you can hard press the part of display where the cables connect to the logic board. You have to be extra careful while doing this as pressing down too hard can break the display.

When iPhones get dropped, the tiny cables that connect to your iPhone’s logic board can become dislodged just enough for the touchscreen to stop working, even if there’s no physical damage. It’s a longshot, but you may be able to fix your iPhone’s touch screen by pressing down on the part of the display where the cables connect to the logic board.

How to Fix iPhone Touch Screen Unresponsive Issue: Solutions for Software

App Crashing

In a day, you access apps for a number of times. If the app, you frequently use, crashes, your touch screen may stop responding. Then you should blame that app for iPhone touch screen not working issue. Follow some helpful tips to fix iPhone apps crashing issues.

Go for Force Restart

When too many applications create issues in your iPhone, touch screen becomes unresponsive. In this case, you need to force reboot your iPhone.

Hold your iPhone in your hands and press and hold Home button and sleep/wake button simultaneously. Release the buttons when you see Apple logo after approximately 10 seconds. Your iPhone is now rebooted and the problem should be fixed. Many users face a weird problem here; they see that their iPhone get stuck at Apple logo. However, they can get rid of this situation by following a workaround.

Note that Apple has introduced a small change to force restart or reboot iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus.

Restore your iPhone from Backup

You need your iPhone, a lightning cable and a laptop or desktop computer with iTunes installed.

Step #1: Sync your iPhone with iTunes via lightning cable.

Step #2: Click on ‘Encrypt backup’ if you have not done this; select ‘Backup to this computer’.

Step #3: Now you need to click ‘Backup now’ and the process will start. You may have to wait for some time to let the process finish.

Step #4: Once the process is complete, click the ‘Restore’ button and then select the backup you have just made to restore to.

Step #5: When the backup is restored to iPhone, try to operate your phone as normal.

Restore iPhone as New

You should take full backup of your iPhone before you follow this workaround as all your data and media will be erased from your iPhone.

Step #1: Open on your Mac or Windows computer.

Step #2: Enter your Apple ID and password.

Step #3: After logging in, click on ‘Find iPhone’ square from the Launchpad.

Step #4: Next, you need to click on ‘All Devices’.

Step #5: Choose the iPhone you want to erase (in case you have connected more than on iPhone with a single Apple ID).

Step #6: You can get the exact location of your iPhone; in the right corner, you can see a square in which, there are three options: Play Sound, Lost Mode, and Erase iPhone.

Step #7: Click on Erase iPhone; you will be asked to confirm your action. You need to click on Erase.

Step #8: Next, you should connect your iPhone with Mac or Windows PC.

Step #9: Open iTunes.

Step #10: Click on your iPhone from the left panel.

Step #11: Now click Restore iPhone button.

Step #12: Finally, click Restore and Update.

Put your iPhone in DFU Mode

Since this is a bit complex method, experts normally suggest this as a last resort. After performing all the above fixes, you can go for this and put your iPhone 7 in DFU Mode. This is a Device Firmware Update suggested by many iPhone experts in the industry.

After all the problems and issues we face, a common idea that strikes the mind is that users must encrypt their iPhone 7 or any other iPhone they have. This will provide them extra layers of security on the iOS devices.

Like touch screen, many users also encounter the problem of iPhone Home button not working. In this situation, we recommend a complete guide to fix the issue of iPhone Home button not working.

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