iPhone Touchscreen Not Working? – Top Five Fixes

neseeIs there something more terrifying than when your iPhone’s touchscreen doesn’t work anymore? Even though this problem is common with older versions of the iPhone, it can also happen to all the latest models. In fact, multiple reports show complaints from iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and iPhone 11 Pro Max users who are saying that the touchscreen is no longer working or unresponsive. The problem here is that replacing the display of an iPhone at Apple’s Genius Bar is not cheap at all. Fortunately, there are a couple of fixes that can take care of the problem, and today we are going to show you the top five ones.

What Makes iPhone’s Touchscreen Stop Working?

The first thing that we want to talk about is the main reason why an iPhone’s touchscreen will stop working or become unresponsive. This is usually caused due to one or multiple falls on the hard concrete. If this is what happened to your iPhone, unfortunately, there isn’t that much that you can do to fix it. This is a hardware problem, and there aren’t any quick fixes that can take care of the problem.

Can Apps Cause the Touchscreen to Stop Working?

The second most common cause why the touchscreen of an iPhone might stop working is because of an app. If this is the case for your iPhone, then you are in luck. Determine what is the app that causes the display to stop working by trying to input any touch while using each app at a time. Once you find out which one causes problems, the first thing that you want to do is to restart the iPhone.

If restarting the iPhone didn’t fix the problem with the specific app, then your best bet is to contact the developers who are in charge of the app. There might be a bug inside the app’s code, and the developers would be thankful if you told them about it. To contact an app developer, find the app’s App Store page and then scroll down. There you will find a link that can redirect you to the developer’s official website.

Top Number Fixes

iPhone Touchscreen Fix

#1 Restart Your iPhone

This might come as a surprise to some of you, but restarting your iPhone will fix most problems. The reason behind this is that once the iPhone is restarted, all settings and options are set to default once again. If you can’t restart your iPhone because the touchscreen doesn’t work anymore, then you need to follow the guide below.

  • Press and quickly release the Volume Up button;
  • Repeat the previous step on the Volume Down button;
  • All that is left to do is to quickly press and hold the Side button (power on/off).

If you don’t manage to force restart your iPhone by using the previous guide, then you should be pleased to know that there is an alternative. You can ask Siri to turn on Airplane Mode, which is similar to a restart.

#2 Fully Charge the Battery

Another simple, yet effective way to fix the touchscreen not working problem on iPhone is to let the device’s battery charge to the max. You should make sure not to use the iPhone when charging and let it sit comfortably until the battery percentage reaches 100%.

#3 Connect to a Computer

One of the best ways to make sure that all your iPhone’s options and settings are synched and running at peak-level performance is to connect the device to a computer. The iPhone will automatically synch with the computer and this may fix the touchscreen problem. If the problem doesn’t go away and your iPhone’s touchscreen is still unresponsive, then you should use this opportunity to create a full backup for your data. The reason behind this is that you might not get access to it anytime soon if the touchscreen is not fixed.

#4 Download the Latest Software Update

Apple is continually working on new software updates for its operating systems so that it can improve the performances and user experience that they offer. All updates for iOS introduce bug fixes that are tackling various issues, and this is why you should make sure to download the latest software update available for your iPhone. If you can’t do that because of the unresponsive touchscreen, then you should be pleased to know that you can do it from your computer.

#5 Device Firmware Upgrade

If none of the fixes that we presented today worked on your iPhone, then you might want to try DFU (Device Firmware Upgrade). The reason why we are showing this fix last is that the DFU will remove everything from your iPhone. This includes your apps, photos, and videos. Therefore, make sure to perform a full-system backup on your computer before trying DFU, or all your data will be lost. Additionally, the DFU will re-install your native iOS apps, and your iPhone will run just like when you first purchased it.

Final Words

Fix iPhone TouchScreen

We hope that the fixes that we provided for you today are useful and that they managed to get your iPhone’s touchscreen working again. One last piece of advice that we would like to share is to avoid running too many apps at the same time. This can take a toll on the iPhone’s performances, and essential features such as the touchscreen will become unresponsive. Nonetheless, let us know in the comments if you know any other fixes for this problem that may help our readers.

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